Oh my god. Emphasis on the babe part.

I was feeling like a very sick bag of un-awesome today and then I checked my inbox. 
There I found stunning pictures and a great interview from super gorgeous Breyell.  This chick is seriously awesome. Breyell and I go back to shopping experiences at our community food co-op here in Tucson before she moved to Portland. Though we shared overlapping friends here in Az, we weren't ever close but through social networking this had changed. Boy am I glad! Breyell was my first Etsy swap and is a killer vegan cupcake baker. I adore her beyond words and I present her wondrous questionnaire:

Name: Breyell Dawn Payne
Occupation: Wannabe Joan Holloway by day & etsy shop owner by night
 Dream occupation: owning a Laundromat/bakery/space for shows
Age: 22

What was your earliest memory about baking?
My grandmothers cream puffs. My grandmother was the only one in my family who really baked and I only saw her once year…so baking seemed like this totally magical and delicious process that only a very talented and wise woman could posses. So naturally, I went for it! I remember mixing together water, flour and sugar when I was a kid & microwaving it, imagining that when I opened the door, an eagle brand pie would be on the other side. Little did I know I’d be a baker babe someday!

Howd’ja get started baking?
It was something I just sort of fell into, baked goods make people happy and I like making people happy! Living with lots of roommates made it easy for me to experiment with different recipes and use them as the guinea pigs. But honestly, it was just a hobby until I discovered Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. I picked up that book and didn’t put it down again until every recipe front to back, was under my belt…then I started doing it professionally! To this day I mostly bake vegan, unless I’m baking one of my grandma’s recipes, I don’t try and mess with those!

When you picture “a baker” what do you see?
I see a totally empowered person, boy or girl…frosting in their hair, flour on their clothes and the biggest smile on their faces. I think making something from nothing gives people a sort of satisfaction that can only be achieved through a hands on craft, and it shows!

What qualities or skills does it take to be a baker?

Creativity. Patience. & the constant pursuit of the perfect recipe

What was the biggest baking FAIL you ever had?

I’ll just leave it at…dun dun dun…SALT COOKIES.

How do you feel about Martha Stewart?
I appreciate the idea of Martha Stewart. The idea of a woman inspiring (MILLIONS OF) other women to be crafty and creative is something I’d be silly not to admire.

Tell me something random that I don't already know:
I know all of the words to One Week by Barenaked Ladies!

Will you share your all time favorite recipe with us?
It seemed a little wrong for me to bring up my grandmothers incredible & life changing cream puffs and not share them with you, so here you go!

Don't those look AWESOME? And see that cute little pink cupcake stand? She was sweet enough to use the stand I sent her in all of her baking pictures! If you want more of her you can visit her Etsy shop Creature Comfort. I think I'm pretty awesome, but I love hearing/reading/talking to other awesome women even more. Thanks for sharing with us Breyell!


If you know a Baker Babe, or if you love to create in the kitchen email me! I would love to feature you!



  1. Once, many many years ago, Breyell and I made chocolate peanut butter vegan cupcakes together, and started a folk band called County Fair. Neither of us played instruments, and we only wrote a chorus of one song, but it was a pretty epic chorus. She's a peach, for sure.


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