Folks, it's hard to function these days with a brain disease. You could call it a mental illness I guess, but people tend to run the opposite way from those so I like to call it something more appropriately humorous. Brain disease works for me, and I'll be damned, that's exactly what it is too. A malady that untreated will efficiently thwart successful living and better yet, when treated STILL may kick you in the metaphorical crotch when you are goin' along fine and dandy. I just exited a full week of kickers to the zipper.

When this phenomenon happens, there is absolutely no warning or reasonable explanation and all extracurricular functions grinds to a halt. Gone are the days of productive mornings, house cleaning, makeup application, craft projects, dates nights and super fun anythings that take energy.  I have to up my self care 10 fold, reevaluate where my strength is going, surround myself with positive and supportive people and really just cut myself some slack.

I mention this because:
1. I'm a highly successful intelligent forward thinking influential positive woman and I don't want you to believe all those goddamn stereotypes, and 
2. Because I've been meaning to write you some killer posts and just haven't been able to. 

I've been hoarding all these killer recipes (strawberry and cream eclairs, no-yeast pizza dough, cookie butter cake),  baker babe interviews (Canada's own Joanne), what NOT to do when dying your hair a kickass color (poor purple bathtub...), DIY's (how to handle criticism, and self esteem 101),  and Mary Poppins on Broadway!

So, stay tuned for a influx of handcrafted blog goodness in the next week. I've got some catching up to do!


  1. Looking forward to your upcoming posts!

  2. I cannot wait for your recipes!! I'm gonna spread the word ;D

  3. We missed you!!! :D Looking forward to the recipes and more or your kick-ass honesty!

  4. I love you for this. I really do. I'm not used to people being so honest about their mental quirks. Thanks for showing people it's okay to be intelligent, neutroatypical badasses.


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