Martha and I have a "love/hate" relationship.

When she was incarcerated I handmade a t-shirt that said "Free Martha: It's a Good Thing"
HOWEVER, I have a bone to pick with her.
Dear Martha, 

WHY THE HELL are your recipes so unnecessarily complicated? It's like, you want the home bakers to feel stupid so they can look up to you for answers. Let be honest, you twist and turn recipes until they're hardly recognizable and add ingredients that you have to special order (and only IF you know what they are). I'm just sayin'. Baking doesn't have to be that hard.

Hugs and Cupcakes,

But today I am in love with Martha Stewart.
I made her banana cupcakes today and they are divine.

I topped them with buttercream, ganache, sprinkles, and a cherry and VOILA!
You have banana split cupcakes that you can edit to your hearts content.



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  1. So there were a ton of old bananas on my counter today and I decided to try and bake something. So I came to your blog and my mouth was literally watering. I decided on these because I had all of the ingredients and they seemed the most un-baker friendly. They are delicious. I made the frosting she has on the site but had to add some milk. Otherwise so good. You post wonderful pics of the stuff you bake! I love it!


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