Last night I went to a Johnny Cash Tribute show at the old Fox Theatre downtown.
My date? Grandma.
So Rad.

So what does this have to do with a kitchen?
Not much.
What does this have to do with kitsch?
Well, everything.

I don't know if I have to convince you of this, but old country music is kitschy. Kitschy and goddamn good in my opinion. You need proof? My grandma used to sit me down and make me listen to "Sunday Morning" lyrics over and over again when I was little. So its kitschy, but ALSO, I just found this dress at a thrift store somewhere and I thought since I rarely dress up anymore (I have a black shirt/pants outfit for work everyday) I would take advantage of how much everyone loves red and white polka dots.

 You DO love red and white polka dots... right?

Everything I'm wearing is thrifted (and if you're into fatshion, you'll know just how awesome that is) but the one thing that isn't is the handpainted bird button hair pin by my pal Elizabeth of Siobhan.
I would recommend checking her out... she is the best fashion designer in Tucson and has some REALLY bad ass stuff coming out. She is Plus friendly and I own several sexy redesigned slips. Sigh.


So, heres the "Retro Report" part:
Well, throughout the show (which was AWESOME, btw) they would add stories about each of the songs and I learned that Cash didn't write that song himself.

Turns out, he would have "jam sessions" at his house quite often and invite friends over to write songs together. Well, one of his good friends came over and suggested this song and Johnny fell in love with it.

"WHO?" you might ask?


God. Now I know why that song is so awesome. A collaborations of two masterminds. So, naturally now I love it even more.


So, if you STILL don't believe me that Johnny Cash belongs on a kitschy blog, I grabbed a few items from Etsy to prove it to you:


and of course to tie it all together:
my favorite photo today and my favorite advice from Johnny himself:

Later Toots!

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