I read a fascinating article in the latest issue of Bitch Magazine yesterday about the integrity and legitimacy of most lifestyle blogs in the internet world these days.

It talked about how lifestyle blogs start out/are intended to be real portrayals of modern day life and inspire ladies with projects and everyday observations that are relevant to the real woman (men too, but the majority of bloggers are female).  The article touches on how as a blog becomes more and more popular (read: depends on advertising for income) it starts to lose it's candor and honesty as well as its individual humor. Becoming a false version of authentic life, instead of representing reality in a genuine way. The downfall to this of course is that women then compare their life to these disguised blogs and wonder why they aren't as happy/creative/problem free as the authors. Its really an anomaly, warped, and dishonest way of presenting a genuine journey through life.

SO, this caused me to re-evaluate my writings here. Should I omit the controversial or embrace the realities that a typical atypical woman faces?

I choose the latter of course.
I wanted "The Kitschen" to stay in its nice pretty box with it's nice pretty bow but I found that if I can't speak from the heart,  I'm both eliminating possible change in the world AND not being true to myself.

From now on, you can welcome the alter ego of The Kitschen,
  • good for your body cooking and good for your soul desserts
  • anecdotes about the hazardous journey of self acceptance
  • secrets and tips of being a professional baker
  • "Feminist" food for thought
  • kitschy and adorable items discovered in my hometown
  • excerpts from a mental health professional
  • how to start a small business tricks of the trade
  • DIY projects galore
  • "Baker Babes": interviews with my favorite baker ladies
  • fashion for the bigger and the bakers
  • personal experiments and reviews on popular interweb DIYs and recipes 
  • radical ideas that should not be radical... they should be the norm.
  • and tutorials on whatever I deem awesome (which is usually pretty awesome)

    and y'know...all of the other things found in other cute tattooed vintage dressed thrifting owl loving blogs, but probably with a touch more profanity and a few excerpts about banishing stereotypes and stigma.
If you can't take the heat, get out of the Kitschen!
 (that made me laugh)

But if you can (especially if you embrace the heat) WELCOME!
Welcome to the honesttogod reality of the beautiful world we live in.
Or at least, welcome to the world I live in:)

Glad you're here.



  1. Awesome post. To thine own SELF be true Jes!

  2. Such a GREAT article. Thank you for directing me to it. I am now going to spend this Saturday, and Sunday, thinking about how I am going to represent myself and my blog.

  3. I'm new to your blog.. I find your posts (I've only read a few so far) to be extremely fascinating.

    (the tortured soul of a has been fat chick that still isn't skinny and wants desperately to be ok with herself)

  4. Hey Jes- Found your blog through a post on Pinterest (Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls) just in time to catch your A&F manifesto. Brava my dear, brava! I'm Tucson occasionally to visit family and would love to go thrifting! Keep up the great words...we need them!
    --Sara (who's proved nearly every point in your "Tell Fat Girls" post true!)

  5. I just discovered this post and I think it's a really important one. As a fledgling blogger, I often look at really successful lifestyle blogs like and wonder, How am I ever going to develop a mainstream audience if my hair doesn't look perfect all the time and I don't have a beautiful sunlit apartment and I don't make stunning, Pottery-Barn quality furniture out of used pallets on Saturday mornings and also maintain an ever-changing manicure?

    The line between popularity and integrity is not an easy one to toe when it comes to blogging. I really needed to read this, because I've been worried that I should give up blogging about biking and never swear and concentrate on blogging about hair braids and garland (not that there's anything WRONG with hair braids and garland, they're just not my bag).

    But anyway, thank you!



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