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(Sexy white bralette can be found here!)

I'm a dedicated (bordering on zealous) bralette convert. Underwire bras are something that I'll strap on for the occasional photo shoot or sexy moment but only when the outfit really requires it. Otherwise? 98% of the time you'll find me in these unpadded, wire free, stretchy little numbers because COMFORT IS SUCH AN AWESOME THING YOU GUYS.

If you're wondering if bralettes are for the plus crowd as well, the simple answer is: YES. There are tons of options thanks to their semi-recent popularity and while they will never offer you the cleavage-pressing-into-your-chin-almost-suffocating-you support of a push-up bra... I'm okay with that.

More than okay with that.

They can be worn like a bra under clothing, they can peek out of your top and add some flair, or you can follow in the stylish footsteps of Shainna above and wear them as a top. Yep, they're great as outerwear too. THE WORLD IS OFFICIALLY OURS!

Below you'll find some of my favorite places to shop for bralettes as well as your recommendations.

There really is something for everyone (Smart Glamour literally makes every size in the world) and for those who need more chest support than others, there are some full coverage styles that might peak your interest. The greatest part for me is that because their versatility also includes sizing. I don't need to obsessively measure cup size any longer, and that is a personal win.

Without further ado, 11 rad places to shop for plus bralettes:

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When I asked you where to the find the best plus bralettes, the answer was almost unanimous: Torrid. And I totally get it. The selection is SUPER sassy and I'm a sucker for any lacy high neck bralette that can double as a top.

Price range: $28-35

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Hips and Curves was the first company to send underwear that fit like a glove. I even wore them for my first ever boudoir shoot: proof here. Their pieces are solid and sexxxxxxxxy. 10/10 recommend.

Price range: $20-40

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Modcloth has been and likely always will be one of my favorite companies to shop from. While I normally spend my time browsing their plus size dress section, they also have a cute selection of bralettes to choose from and a return policy that makes life easy. That last part is critical for this fat girl that shops online.

Price range:  $14-20

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Smart Glamour is out to change the fashion industry and Mallorie is doing a damn fine job. Get this: they custom make their clothing and WILL MAKE ANY PIECE OF CLOTHING IN ANY SIZE. That means no matter the size/shape of your body, you will find the perfect fit. That's an experience that's hard to come by and if I didn't feel so weird using emojis in a blog post I would post a dozen clapping hands here.

Price range: $40-45

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Forever 21 Plus is where I go for my daily bralette purchases. They're inexpensive, stretchy, comfortable and cute. They're currently out of their basic bralette with the adorable crossing straps but these options above are super hot and I'm sure they'll be restocking soon. (Check out Charlotte Russe Plus below for something comparable!)

Price range: $13-16

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Not only is Curvy Girl Lingerie run by a fat babe and friend of mine (Chrystal Bougon) who has dedicated her life to making sure plus women have a plethora of sexy options, these bralettes also come in sets which makes the price completely reasonable in my book. I have to be honest: that first ensemble is MAKING ME FEEL THINGS. SO MANY THINGS.

P.S. She named a negligee after me and I can't think of a time I've ever been more flattered.

Price range: $38-55

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I've never shopped at Maurices, but many of you have and swear by them. After browsing their bralette selection, I can see why.

Price range: $18

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While I have a million (and one) bones to pick with Lane Bryant as a corporation, I have to be honest: Cacique has been there with amazing options for my fat back since the beginning. In fact, Cacique was where I maxed out my very first credit card at 21 before going to live on a circus train for a week, so, y'know... there's a history.

That, and I have to be real- that middle peek-a-boo bralette is sexy AF.

Price range: $33-49

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Bare Necessities has some high coverage options for those who want support but don't want to sacrifice the ubiquitous lacy bralette style. Full stop.

Price range: $24-62

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Re/Dress (one of my favorite companies ever- seriously, check them out) used to carry Tegging bralettes and they have become my wardrobe staple and the pieces of clothing that people ask about the most. Especially the bralette with a web cut-out that I wear underneath every single sheer top I have. I just wore it in Portland a few weeks ago (and here and here)... it's my most coveted piece of clothing.

UNFORTUNATELY, Tegging bralettes sold out (whomp whomp) but FORTUNATELY Amazon has something really similar! It's gorgeous and lets not forget about that free Prime shipping and returns, right?

Price range: $11-25

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I feel like Charlotte Russe's plus bralette options are everything I'll ever need. Simple, super wearable and they start at FIVE DOLLARS.


Price range: $5-15


These are just a few options out of many and if you're looking for other bralette reviews, you can check our Alysse's article here

I'd love to hear your feedback! What bralettes have you tried? Which worked for you and which didn't? WHERE DO I NEED TO SHOP NEXT?!?!?

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