I'm adding this outfit to the list of "Things I Never Would Have Worn 4 Years Ago Because I Was Scared but Now I'm Brave AF." That list is getting really long and I'm feeling pretty rad about it.

When I started breaking all those made up plus size fashion rules a few years ago (meaning: I started wearing horizontal stripes, big prints and see through blouses) there were still things I wouldn't wear. Things that weren't "clingy" enough. Only within the last year have I started to feel bold enough to try things that are, well... baggy. Bulky. Oversize. Things that make my already big body look bigger. 

It's a strange but wonderful adjustment (that seems to come right after learning to truly not give a fuck) and has opened up a lot of new playful clothing options for me. This jumpsuit (with more excess fabric than I've ever worn in my life) is one of the great ones. It's slouchy, it's long, it's not necessarily "flattering" and I absolutely adore it.

Jumpsuit: Fashion to Figure in 1x 
(I love Chenese Lewis the most and how she rocked the orange version)
Sandals: Similar
Belt: JcPenney+
Sunglasses: Lane Bryant
Earrings: Similar

Oh, the wonderful things you learn when you step (even further) outside your comfort zone.

I've also relearned (for the 17th time now) that I'm incapable of growing my hair out. I managed to reach shoulder length locks before making a desperate call to Marco (aka King Bey who works at Tucson's Speedway Gadabout and I cannot recommend enough) and making an appointment to chop it all off.


I would love to someday have long hair that I can just throw into a topknot and go... but I do not have the patience for the journey at the moment. Guess awesomely bad-ass asymmetrical cuts are in my future for a while.


What are some "scary" to you things that you're out there rocking? What are you pushing your individual style boundaries with? Share them below if you'd like and just a heads up- pictures will get you an extra internet high-five.

Inspire me!

P.S. Tucson commissioned 9 new murals downtown that personify our diverse and wonderful city (+ showcase our artists) and they're all amazing.  Haven't visited Tucson yet? You seriously need to fix that. <3

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