When you're a fat chick, just showing up to a public space in a swimsuit is a revolutionary act. Seriously. It takes some serious guts, regardless of the style you're wearing. But what if you were to show up in a swimsuit with horizontal stripes? A low cut bottom? Neon colors? A loud print? Revealing cut outs? Well, then my friend, you're just being brazen. When you show up in a bold suit, you are essentially staring convention in the eyes and giving it the middle finger. Obviously, I wholeheartedly support it! (P.S. This post contains affiliate links!)

There are so many ways to push plus fashion boundaries and swimsuits can be a fabulous way to break rules. For me, ditching the skirt was the first step towards being brave. I then tried out a bikini (Fatkini was the hot term at the time) and guess what happened when I donned a two piece? Nothing. I didn't die, no one gouged their eyes out, and the masses didn't run away screaming.

This summer? I'm taking it up a notch. I've purposefully sought out swimsuits that make me a little uncomfortable; that aren't "flattering" and don't cover up the parts of my body that I struggle with. Just in case you're into the same thing, I've compiled 21 suits don't play it safe. They're loud, they're proud, they're sexy and they are another step towards unapologetic living. Wanna throw "demure" to the side this swimsuit season? I got you.

Colorblock One-Piece | Bikini with Hardware: Top / Bottom | Cheetah Monokini

OMG THIS GOLD BIKINI: Top/Bottom | Silver Zipper Bikini: Top/Bottom | Gold Triangle Bikini

Horizontal Striped Bikini: Top/Bottom | White Sheer One-Piece | Bold Rose One-Piece

Ice Cream Bikini: Top/BottomTeal Cutout One-Piece | Hamburger suit (in 2x /3x) 

Do you have a picture of you in a bad-ass suit? Leave it below in the comments, as well as any other suits you love! Cheers to a daring summer!

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