This book tour just got real. I announced the three giant cities (okay, Tucson isn't giant) a while back and since then the tour doubled in size! Because: Lane Bryant offered their stores and support for book signings in Boston, Philadelphia AND Seattle. Bostonians, Philadelipians, and Seattleites (I'm making this shit up right now- forgive me) REJOICE! I'm coming to see you and hug you and sign things and it's going to be glorious.

I'm really super-de-duper grateful LB's support because it means three kick-ass things: #1.) Because Seal Press is a small feminist publishing company (just the way I like 'em), their resources are limited. Limited = 3 cities which is rad. BUT NOW THERE ARE MORE PLACES TO SEE YOU! I can't wait. #2.) This is probably the most radical thing Lane Bryant has done when it comes to inclusivity- this book is uncensored as shit, and I'm in awe that they're thumbs upping it. I'm also blushing. Pretty hard. #3.) I'm excited to reach their customer base, many of whom either: haven't heard of me or I terrify them (I'm teasing) and they all could use a good dose of Jes! I'm coming for you plus ladies, and we're gonna have a grand ol' time.

IN ADDITION to these six book signings, I will also be SPEAKING twice and I really want you to come.  If you're around Reading or Oxford come join us for the lecture that inspired this book! I want to make you laugh and answer your questions and listen to your stories. So get your ass there, OKAY?

The deets:

10/27 San Francisco, CA Booksmith 7:30pm
10/29 Boston, MA LB Braintree store 5-7pm
(^ With Storybook Cove Booksellers!)
11/2 New York City, NY Bluestockings 7pm 
11/3 Philadelphia, PA LB King of Prussia store 5-7pm
(^ With Towne Book Center & Café!)
11/4 Reading, PA Penn State Berks 7:30pm
11/5 Oxford, OH Miami University 7pm
11/6 Tucson, Az Antigone Books 7pm
11/13 Seattle, WA LB South Center Square Store 5-7pm

Someone needs to wish me luck with the whole "five events in five cities in five days" thing because... well, shit. It's gonna be a ride. WILL I SEE YOU THERE? I can't wait!

P.S. If you have a book, I wanna see it! Just tag it on FB, IG, or Twitter with #FatGirlsCan and I'm ON IT!

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