I'm loving this book club. Mostly because you guys suggest awesome picks and then I'm forced to read them before my self-imposed deadline. Which is the only way I get anything done these days, especially when it comes to finishing books. THANKS FOR HELPING ME FINISH BOOKS GUYS. I owe you.

Fat Girl Walking.

This book was unexpectedly enjoyable to read. And I don't mean that in a "Wow, I didn't know Brittany was a brilliant writer until now" way. I fell HARD for Brittany when I found her blog and this happened only 6 months ago (I know, where have I been?) after a period where I hated blogging and her page was so goddamn inspirational that it made me excited to write on the internet all over again. So I know she's a fantastic writer and that everyone knows it too, is my point. What I didn't expect is for a memoirish essays to be so fucking fun to read. It was like I was reading a novel... except it was real. What I'm trying to say is that it was the non-dryist non-fiction I've ever read. Does that mean it's wet? Well, then it's the wettest collection of essays I've ever read.


But none of that really has to do with the content; just the writing style and sense of humor. Which is 100% up my alley because rambling humor is my favorite so thank you Jenny Lawson Amy Pohler Tina Fey Brittany Gibbons for writing a book full of that. 

As for content, I want to hear your thoughts. Before we get there though, I wanna share some quotes that I really wanted to highlight while reading, but our house is a disaster right now and I couldn't find a goddamn highlighter to save my life. 
"Just remember that college is the most expensive place to be confused in the entire world." 
"You're going to fail at a lot of things, so when you do, do it on such a grand scale that half the room gives you a standing ovation and the other half gives you the middle finger." -Brittany's Grandmother 
"Have you ever tried to put a sports bra on after getting out of the shower, and that split second where you're stuck with  your arms up in the air and you think you're going to die? That's what my first panic attack felt like, and it lasted twenty minutes." 
"She has my eyes, and my wavy rebellious hair. She also has my thighs, feet and lips. Gigi is witty and smart and curious and beautiful and I've spent five whole years nodding along with every relative, friend, and stranger on the street who told me that she is exactly like me, even though I thought exactly none of those things about myself."  
"Of all the hobbies I have picked up and dropped over the years- the fiddle, magic, competitive eating- body hate has been my most dedicated and refined." 
"A couple of things about fat shaming. 
1. It's a real thing   
2. If someone says you are doing it, and your response is "am not," you probably are."

There were parts I "aww"-ed at, parts that made me cringe, parts that made me snort with laughter (Ben Wa Balls omg), parts that made me say aloud "GOD I wish I could get away with saying that.", parts about the fucked up internet that made me nod in solidarity, and parts that would have made me cry if I wasn't such a cold and heartless bitch. Or if I hadn't had three cups of coffee. Either way.

Question: I don't have children (and I don't plan on having children) but the chapter on post-pregnancy mirrored so many of the feelings that friends who do have kids have shared with me in confidence. I'm glad Brittany published it for the whole world to read. I'm curious for those who also have children- did you feel the same? Was that chapter everything you've thought and felt? Or did you not identify at all? I'm genuinely curious... do share.

I appreciate above all else, Brittany's honesty. I'd love to hear what you thought about the book- all opinions!- but regardless of what we all discuss I think the acknowledgement of vulnerability is needed. She's no stranger to assholes judging everything about her, yet she still writes about bankruptcy and relationship concerns and mental breakdowns. That kind of transparency restores my faith in humanity every time I read it.

Did you read Fat Girl Walking? Tell me your thoughts, my friends. 

(P.S. The end of October/beginning of November will be filled with book tour things that will make my internet access sporadic, so there isn't an official book club reading for us this month. I was going to recommend that you read Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls, but I'm all too aware that most book clubs tend to have have a plethora of books written by cisgender, white women (like me) and I wanna challenge that pattern. THEREFORE I suggest Janet Mock's Redefining Realness which is a #1 Best Seller and something that I'll be reading too! Cheers!)

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