I know some of you are anti-wearing-my-love-of-cats-on-the-outside-because-it's-my-secret, but girl, I'm the opposite. The more cat shirts the better. ESPECIALLY if they say "Let's go back to my place and watch cat videos."  (P.S. This post contains affiliate links!)

I've used that line before (honest to god) and it was on my current partner... so it seems to work just fine.

These shoes are from JustFab,com. Don't buy them; that company is nearly impossible to unsubscribe from. Instead, go to Walmart (I know) and find their $6 flats with the leopard insoles. They're ridiculously comfortable and... well, $6. I always have a couple pairs at home because they go with everything.

FAT GIRL PANTS. LET'S TALK ABOUT THEM. Before they arrived, I assumed that they would be Jeggings. I was only kind of wrong. They're twice as thick and really fucking comfortable. Think 1/2 Jeggings, 1/2 jeans. A magical combination for someone who is always skeptical of fat girl pants.

Also, fuck those people who say fat bodies shouldn't wear "skinny jeans". They can and they do and it's awesome. 'Specially these.

Note: I'm 5"4' and they had a couple inches of extra leg at the bottom. This wasn't a problem since they're so goddamn stretchy, so no matter your height they should fit juuuuuust fine.

One last word of advice. Stay far, far, FAR away from the orange Maybelline mascara. It will get in your eyes, sting like fuck, make you cry until you can no longer see, and then send you home like this:

Classy, right? You're welcome for the warning. I share because I love you.

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