Swimsuit season evokes two really strong reactions for me: Yay sexy little clothes to wear in public! and JESUS GOD WHY CANT I FIND ANYTHING DECENT IN TOWN?

Both of those things.

Year after year I walk into brick and mortar stores here in Tucson hoping to find a swimsuit that 1.) fits well and 2.) I love. I have yet to find this magical piece of clothing.  (P.S. This post contains affiliate links!)

SO, we're going to focus on my first reaction: YAY SEXY LITTLE CLOTHES TO WEAR IN PUBLIC! 

Because online ordering is still the best way to go, I scoured twenty plus-size clothing sites and found 18 bathing suits that when worn, will make you want to strut. They are THAT bangin'.

They come in a variety of shapes, styles and price ranges. In a perfect world, I would own them all...

Corset bikini (top/bottom) // Sweetheart Suit // Mesh PanelSuit

Plunge Suit  //  Low Waist (!!!) Bikini   //  Pineapple Bikini (top/bottom)

Polka Dot Esther Williams Suit  //  Leopard Bikini (top/bottom) //  (Taylor Swift's) Polka Dot Bikini

 Coral Banded Bikini  // ICE CREAM SUIT (sorry, I got excited)  // Blue Polka Dot Bikini (top/bottom)

Many of these retailers can be found in this awesome Buzzfeed post called "Affordable Plus-Size Brands You Need To Know." It's quite wonderful. You can also visit my pasts posts: 18 Fatkinis for Ultimate Summer Babliness and Bathing Suit Season.

Have you already found a swimsuit? Tell me where you found it so I can add it to my future lists!! (Pictures of you wearing it get bonus points.)

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