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I'm working on a KILLER resource guide for you all that includes basically every body positive site and blog out there (well, maybe not every one, but a monumental sampling) but it's a huge undertaking. So while I'm doing that, I wanted to share with you my daily blog reads. Y'know- the ones that are amazing enough take up a tiny part of that sacred and overflowing space on your toolbar. These are the first 6 favicons on mine.

They're not all body related, but they all uplift or inspire, and that's good enough for me.

A Beautiful Mess. So here's my confession: when I started writing "real" blog posts back in the day (instead of my usual fluffy vintage kitchenware posts), my first article was straight up criticism about Elsie Larson because I thought was clever. I wasn't. But my point was solid and there: I was wanting an internet full of honesty and I was growing tired of "personal lifestyle" blogs that were nothing but shiny, perfect, false representations of life. And A Beautiful Mess was one of the biggest offenders, in my newby blogger mind.

I was an unguided asshole back then, but we all start somewhere humbling, right? RIGHT?


Since then, A Beautiful Mess has purposefully changed from a personal lifestyle blog to the Millennial's version of a Martha Stewart wet dream and holy fuck I love it so hard. It's still shiny and perfect, but it's not calling itself real life... it's called DIY inspiration and I respect that.

Here's what I love about Elsie and Emma: they're bad-ass boss bitches. They've worked their asses off and created a million dollar company from the ground up. They have e-courses, Photoshop packages, apps, two books, a stationary business, phone cases, and a dozen people working with them. It's seriously impressive. I also love that they have so many haters. It seems so hilarious that two people who make bracelets and pies for a living can attract such venom, but it only goes to show that angry people will be angry at whomever they can. I appreciate that Elsie and Emma keep on doing their shit anyways.

And beyond all that goodness, I just fucking love the cheerfulness that exudes from their blog every day. It's a carefully curated reminder that you can have sunshine in your house if you just make a no-sew white polka dotted curtain set. That, or you just open a window.

I don't know where I was going with this.


Gala Darling. Another carefully curated and vibrant blog. Reasons why I love her: first of all, Gala calls herself Gala. Mad props for changing your name to reflect your vibe. Secondly, I just read a sentence on her blog that said "throw confetti on your soul" and THAT solidified my crush.

Gala will occasionally elude to the hard stuff in life, but more often than not she just poses for dazzling pictures, encourages women to take life by the ovaries, and shares a glittery representation of what's possible. I think that because my world is SO full of social justice, it comes with a lot of heavy, hard, and difficult situations. I'm pretty sure that this is why I'm so drawn to pages like Gala Darling's.. it's balances out the emotional kick to the gut and provides a reminder that there are adventures to have, money to make, and empowerment to feel.

I'm grateful for that reminder.

The Clueless Girl's Guide. Formerly Honeybee in the City, TCGG is run by Kaelah  and is a blog I've been reading since the beginning. I found her through lifestyle blogs when I first started following that sort of thing, and I instantly fell in love with her wigs. She's usually wig-less nowadays (brunette FTW) and always has a baby on her hip, but I still love her blog for the creativity, tattoos, and the occasional easily digestible real talk. I scroll through it every morning like a champ.

Brittany Herself. This bitch needs to be my best friend. And actually, I'm composing a sonnet for her in hopes to woo her into being just that. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not and she's just as excited about it as I am.

Honestly, Brittany is new to me in comparison to the others I often read. I remember seeing her interview on ModCloth, but I hadn't delved into her blog and archives until fairly recently. I'm so in hearts it's making my boyfriend jealous.

Not really, but it should.

I guess it's just because her blog is everything I think a blog should be. Hilarious. Honest. Hard to read. Easy to read. Truthful. Vulgar. Original. And Inspiring. I've been burnt out on blogging for so long my soul started to die, but after reading Brittany Herself, I'm ready and rearing to go. Now if I could only make it past this book deadline. I shouldn't be blogging right now, but I can't help but use it as an avoidance tactic. Don't tell anyone.

Short version: I FUCKING love her and you will too, if you don't already.

The Dainty Squid. Also a Kaylah, and also someone I've been following for years. This chick covered (like covered, covered) in tattoos and takes pictures of her cats. Therefore, I think she's pretty rad. Her blog is anything but controversial and opinionated, but I still love scrolling through her outfit posts, images of abandoned buildings, and displays of dental paraphernalia. 

And I'll use the Oxford comma as much as I want, thankyouverymuch.

The Bloggess. I really don't know if I have words to describe how much of an amazing human being Jenny Lawson is. I mean, she named her online shop "EIGHT POUNDS OF UNCUT COCAINE" so your bill with be more interesting, for chrissakes. At least that what she says. And I want to believe her so bad.

She mostly blogs about daily living with the epic hilarity her army of fans know so well, and she also talks candidly about mental illness. Dear god we need more funny voices to do the same so we can get rid of the sucky stigma. Thanks Jenny, for being a brilliantly dark beacon of hope and light for those of us that need to chuckle at how weird life can be.


Honestly, there are HUNDREDS of worthy blogs (and we're not even talking about webpages!) out there... all amazing (I'm especially thinking of some radical plus-size fashion blogs with women who kick so much ass) but these are just the ones that I click through every morning with my coffee. Light reading. Happy reading. Hilarious reading. The best kind of reading to start your day with.

What are your blogs that you read every day? I'd love to know, and maybe I can add them into my rotation!

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