I'd totally apologize for all of the cat outfits, but only if I was sorry.

Which I'm not.
So there's that.

Happy Monday everyone! This is one of my favorite dresses: a fit and flare covered in faux news articles... All of them written by cats. It's just as wonderful as it sounds.  (P.S. This post contains affiliate links!)

Make it yours!

I pulled the dress out of the closet in honor of my friend Nikki Riot's birthday (you remember her glorious thunder thigh tattoo?) and before heading over I snapped a few pictures in front of a gorgeous historic theater in one of the Tucson barrios.

I love Tucson's barrios.
Almost as much as I love cat dresses.

Is tying your sweatshirt only for 12 years olds, by the way? I feel like it is something I would do back in the day when we all used scrunchies to knot shirts above the belt. Whether it's for adults or not, I rocked it yesterday anyways and no regrets. We had a blast celebrating a bad-ass babe and we looked good while doing so!

What fun trends did you follow your childhood? I'm super curious!

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