Snapshot Sunday is my chance to share photos that would otherwise stay hidden in the archives on my memory card!  I love scrolling through my smartphone's gallery upon occasion; remembering all the little moments that I thoughtfully captured... and then promptly forgot about. I don't always get to share all these precious memories through social media, so here on Snapshot Sundays, I'll invite you to share in those forgotten simple moments. It's an unfiltered, weekly peek into my day to day adventures! Welcome!


1.) Truck stop diners are THE BEST. 2.) My beautiful friend Chelsea and I enjoyed late afternoon drinks. 3.) Shooting range dates are fucking fun. 4.) I'm not terrible with a rifle. 5.) When it's wet and warm you wear summer dresses with winter boots. It's weird, but it's Tucson in July. 6.) A wishing fountain covered with bees. 7.) Liora and I take cronuts very seriously. 8.) He doesn't understand why I don't want to cuddle when its 110 degrees. I've tried to explain it.

What did your week hold? Share some pictures below!
And this week make sure you go on adventures and document them so you can post them next Sunday!

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