The internet has fallen in love Carol Rossetti and her message, and rightfully so.

For the last week, the Brazilian Graphic Artist has been heralded, lorded, and virtually hugged by millions all over the world. The reason being: her series of illustrations featuring women of all kinds paired with the reality checks we all need.

What started out as practice to hone her drawing skills has become a beautiful voice on feminism, ablelism, racism, and gender acceptance. It's something I support a million percent. It's something I would cover my walls with. It's something that made me feel weepy the moment I started looking at the images. I asked permission to share her work and when she shot back a "Yes!" I promptly collected a few of my favorites:

There are dozens of other images just like these on her Facebook, and also on her Tumblr. I would recommend looking at both. One of my favorites is this one addressing "Real Men Love Curves."As I scrolled through her work, I recognized several of these women (like Whitney Thore) and I started to wonder what my image would say. Truthfully, there are multiple things to say. But, because I already identified with so many of these, I forced myself to think of another area of social commentary that has attempted to play a role in my life. I chose:

"Jes has both a mental illness and a million dreams. The world tells her that having a diagnosis means that you're broken and are unlikely to succeed. Jes, that is bullshit. You know your brain better than anyone and you know that it's brilliant. You also know that something perceived as a weakness can be re-framed as a super strength! You are capable of anything you put your mind to and more! Get it, girl."

If you were to make an image of yourself for yourself... what would it say? Write it out for me and leave it below. It feels really good to identify, clarify and share... Trust me.

And lets all send Carol a hug right now, because that woman is a rockstar.

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