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It's been all SERIOUS up in here lately! Jesuz christ. I love me some real life shit, but lets take a break and talk about something lighter for a moment shall we? How about 10 facts about us all? I love this kinda stuff and while it's awesome when there are 20 facts, I'm going to only ask for 10. Because I'm tired. Because it's do-able. Because I want you to leave your list in the comments. And because I can.

Then onward!

1.) I LOVE shitty action movies. The more Jason Statham the better. Romance be gone, I'm into explosions, car chases, and super obvious top secret plans. Red? Loved it. Now You See Me? Loved it. Oceans 11? I loved it so much, it made me believe I could rob a casino. All of the new James Bond movies? Looper?  Total Recall? Dredd? End of Watch? Swoon. Even Premium Rush made it in. That's how you know it's a serious addiction.

2.) I was a lifelong choir girl. I sang alto choral arrangements my entire life, and some really incredible ones at that. I sang for small chapel meetings, large holiday events, solos for recitals... I even performed in college for the Mormon prophet. True story. Random fact 2.5 is that my rebellious clove smoking at 18 lowered my voice an entire octave and now I can't sing the majority of female vocalist songs at karaoke. Still trying to process this. Smoking may cause cancer, but I mostly just miss my range.

3.) I've lived on the border of Mexico most of my life and I still can't speak Spanish. My first job was at a family owned Mexican restaurant too. While I understand a fair bit when listening, I'm not capable of speaking it. Really should work on it. Maybe in my free time.

4.) Like Kaelah, I don't believe in socks. And it pains me to admit that I actually just purchased my first few pairs in... six years?  Boot season requires them, but I made sure the ones I ordered were the super fancy ribboned kind. Basically, the least sock-ey ones I could get my hands on. I find socks to be a unnecessary evil. I made it six years in flats and didn't die. Something to think about.

5.) I naturally gravitate towards red, white, and black clothing. I'll go to a thrift store, fill my basket with clothing in all colors, try them on, sort out the ones that I don't want, and then look up at the register to find myself with only red, white, and black items. Usually with stripes or polka dots. This has been happening for years, and I've long since tried to stop it. I think, one year I threw out anything that wasn't these three colors. It wasn't a sacrifice by any means.

6.) On that note, one year I tried to be Elvis from Jailhouse Rock. That totally happened.

I had short black hair, tossed all my dresses (at the time I only owned dresses) and wore white shirts, black skinny jeans and an occasional striped piece of clothing. That lasted a grand total of three months.

I couldn't hack wearing the same outfit every day; doesn't matter how sexy Elvis made it look.

7.) I don't do dishes. Ever. They sit until I cant take it and then they get tossed. Or I put them outside. Or someone else will wash them. I need a regular dishwasher; human, machine, or otherwise.

8.) I've covered my walls in paper and painted room size murals on several occasions. My favorite wall piece was definitely in college, where I would stay up all night listening to The Anniversary and Azure Ray, drinking Diet Mountain Dew (that's scandalous when you're Mormon!), playing the guitar and sketching cryptic messages that encapsulated my young, unbridled emotions. SOMETIMES my friend Kevin would bring over his pals and they would contribute to the masterpiece with me. Having boys in your room when you're at a Mormon college is the ultimate scandal. We were such artistic rebels. All in the name of self expression!

9.) The majority of my family is adopted, myself included. I was partially adopted at two by default when my Mom got married, and two of my other siblings were adopted through the Arizona Foster Care System. This still seems strange to me, because there never felt like there was any disconnect growing up. My family is my family; they always have been my family and will always be my family.

10.) I'm obsessed with Natural History Museums. I was an Art History Major for the longest time, and I still prefer natural history exhibits. Every city I visit is rated by their museum and right now I'm still in love with D.C.'s... though NY's squid and whale model will always hold a frightening place in my 16 year old heart.


Now it's your turn! Leave me 10 random facts about you in the comments! If you write an entire post, leave that link here too. Introduce yourself to me!

And while you're doing that, any action movie recommendations?

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