Words can't express how fabulous Katy and I's trip to New York was. There are a few posts about Liora's glorious wedding on their way, but I thought I would share what I wore while running around the boroughs first. Clothes before hoes, y'all. Clothes before hoes.


You're gonna cry when I tell you that I thrift most of my outfits, this bad ass dress being a back-of-the-rack steal from Buffalo Exchange. I can't find it online, but you CAN buy leggings to match here! I can also tell you that Target has amazing plus size tights and you should probably buy them all. Cat-fit Day included fangirling fun on the Metro, Italian food in Brooklyn, and soapy bachelorette shenanigans. Rough life, but someone's gotta do it.

I believe that fishnets are a perfect substitute for pants. I also believe that these red vinyl confetti Mary Janes would beat Dorothy's ruby slippers in a "cool contest" hands down.  EDIT: HOLY SHIT YOU CAN BUY THE SHOES HERE!

This fucking amazing dress from ModCloth gets a post of its own a little later. Mostly because I looked so goddamn fantastic in it while dancing the Hora to a Kesha song. Yep, that happened. It was a once in a lifetime experience.

I wore a long sleeved grey mini dress over pleather leggings while in Manhattan one day. I wore them while meeting my literary agent, then I wore them to the library, then I took them all off for a naked photo shoot with Substantia Jones, and then I put them on again so we could hang out on the rooftop while we were locked out of our apartment. It was 40 degrees outside so we drank the wine we bought for our host to stay warm. It didn't work at all. Fun? Yes. But completely ineffective. 

When you travel with Katy, you must be stylin' ALL THE TIME. Pink tights, fishnets, an 80's mini dress and cowboy boots? Yep. Dallas didn't know what to do with me. You can wear a zebra sweater too if ya go here.

I wore this article of clothing the most, though I have the least amount of photographic proof. I sometimes forget that in other parts of the country people like to cover up at night; mostly because I like to wear the least amount of clothing possible in Arizona. This is the one sleepwear item I packed and boy, did it party. It partied in a hallway sized room in Chinatown with 8 fancy people. It partied on the floor in upstate NY when it got stripped off for an epic bubble bath. It partied while I cheered on Beer-Pongers as they played the most complicated version of the sport I've ever seen. It partied all week long and served me well. This nightgown lives a very fulfilling life, I'll tell you what. Want yr own? I found the exact one on ebay. Wear it like a boss; make it party harder than mine.

As if that's possible.

Now that I'm back, I'm experiencing a pathetic combination of ennui and heartache after coming back to the daily grind. This happens every time I travel, no matter the destination or length of trip. I find that my periphery expands exponentially while away and when I return home I bounce around in that hollow space until I adjust back into routine. Luckily for me, I live a charmed 9-5 life, so this doesn't take too long.

Curious: does this ever happen to you? Do you ever struggle once you return home? And also, what has your favorite trip been? Where did you go and why did you love it so? I missed you guys, so talk to me!

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