I'm a few days late because I took a much needed weekend off (and went to a giant underwear party! Fat chicks gotta represent!) but I wanted to share some of the fabulous stuff I came across on the interweb in July. Some is old, some is new and all of it is pretty random. The only common denominator is that I found it interesting. If you want a "live stream" of this stuff you can follow my Facebook. I tend to post a lot of links throughout the month... and there is always some sort of discussion.


Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart. Yep, it's a thing.
The evolution of female fashion throughout the centuries.
Fat shaming makes people fatter. Oh, AND it's mean. Yeah, that too.
A cartoon explanation of  "Obamacare"
Masturbation feels how pizza tastes.
Love of my life Jade Beall is taking the world by storm.
The psychology behind hate.

Spoken word thoughts about the shame around breastfeeding.

Interweb tricks!
Communication can be sexy.
A pie chart depicting how we rationalize our selfies.
Fat Girl, PhD.
I LOVE this Australian campaign to help raise awareness about mental illness in men.
Make art frame cookies!

When will I get tired of watching this? The answer is never.

You can use toy dinosaurs to make a phone tripod? Of course you can.
Little people are everywhere, doin great things in their great little way. 
16 women define happiness.

I have more respect for this young man than I know what to do with.

If pin-up photography included men?
Oooooh! Another article about how fat shaming is not helpful!
Underwater shots of dogs chasing balls.
Dolphins call each other by name.
Masculinity in The Mask You Live In.

I'm not a fan of late night television, but goddamnit if Jimmy Fallon isn't making me reconsider. I'm also obsessed with the Cluck versions of "Ho Hey" and "Some Nights".

23 facts about Orange is the New Black.
And here is the original article from the true story.
A blog about being one armed and awesome.
Photography project that mashes up genetics.
23 solutions to your sad first world problems.
There is a reason this amazing article went viral.

Oh, and Camp Gyno? Please be my best friend.


Did you find anything share worthy this month? You can post your favorites below!

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