Behold the images from my last night the city! It was wondrously spent with an old bestie and a new one (you follow Margie's gallivanting, right?), both of which knew every word to Spice Girls "Wanna Be" which is a prerequisite to hanging out with me. And if you belt it out at a kick-ass drag bar, you get major bonus points. They both get the major bonus points. You should also know that the 4th photo down is from The Beauty Bar where you can get a manicure while drinking a martini and if the mood is right you can get down in the disco room afterwards. Genius I tell you. Simply genius.

I took these photos with my schmancy new smart phone; owning one of these is pretty revolutionary for me. After attempting to respond to a kajillion emails on the way home from Vegas I swore to join the 21st century the second I got home... and join I did. The reason you care about this is because I'm now connected in every social media way you can imagine. You can now follow me on Instagram, Bloglovin, Facebook, Twitter, BeauCoo, Pinterest, Tumblr, OHMYGOD you can stalk me in SO MANY WAYS! Thanks Samsung, I owe you one.

I'm returning once more in October for Liora's wedding and while I'm there I'll most likely be hugging Emily and being photographed by Substantia for her Adipositivity Project. New York, you're so good to me and I can't wait to see your lovely face again!

What is your favorite city to plan adventures in? What city is nicest to you?


  1. I liked planning adventures in NYC so much I moved here three years ago... Glad to see you've enjoyed your visit! If you're back in town, give me a shout!

  2. So many great cities for planning adventures! One of my all time favorites, though, is Montreal, Quebec. It's beautiful, like a little Europe, and in it has so much to offer! Such a fantastic place to visit. :)

  3. That nail bar sounds amazing, if I go to New York again I will have to check it out. Also I know all the words to "Wanna Be" and most other Spice Girl songs. Livin' the dream baby.

  4. NYC has always been my dream city and I couldn't be happier or more jealous right now :)

    Which phone did you end up with? I too feel like I may need to join the new century sometime soon, but Im dreading the bump in my monthly bill, so Ive been holding off as long as possible!


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