I'm voting early.
 Early, as in 6 in the morning.

I'm gonna challenge you to vote today if you haven't already. I know its unfortunately common to think "One vote doesn't matter in a red state" or "Enh...whatevs" but let me tell you whats up- You need to peel your ass off the couch today and fill in a few ovals. And here's 8 simple reasons why:

Because you can. 
There have been people (remember them and them?) who have sacrificed everything they had all the way down to their life. Honor them and take advantage of that. Don't be an ungrateful bastard.

It's too easy to not. 
They have really gone out of their way to make it more simple for us to cast and them to count. Any questions you might have about how voting is happening tomorrow is here. Ignorance is no longer an option, suckers.

Fight regression. 
Lets not lose liberties that we currently take for granted. Lets also not live in denial that regression is impossible.

You don't have to know everything. 
Sometimes its overwhelming to look at all the propositions and names. While it is optimal to be fully informed, know this: you can leave sections blank, and you're not a bad person. Its better to vote on the few that you are educated on than not at all. Promise.

Be part of the cool club. 
Only 30% of voters make it to the polls. Be part of the cool 3rd that gives a shit. 

You get a sticker. 
Seriously. Talk about an awesome reward system. Now, if only they were designed by Lisa Frank... next year?

Cancel out a fucktards vote. 
We all know how dedicated the morons are to forcing their rules on others. They are adamant, determined and always passionately misinformed. Consider it your civic duty to make their votes null in void.

Earn the right to bitch.
You are not allowed to complain about our country if you haven't tried to improve it, so give yourself permission to complain if you feel the need within the next four years. No one is perfect, mistakes will be made, and not everyone will be happy; guaranteed. But unless you vote, I don't want to hear a peep out of you unless you're in line tomorrow. So don't be a hypocrite and give yourself permission to piss and moan. Go. Vote.

If you need some info to get you going, here is a super fun website called 29 Reasons. Check it.

The polls are open from sunrise to sunset. 
So... US citizens. Are you contributing, or what?


  1. Reason #9: The election is on my birthday and I would love for it to NOT be a terrible birthday! &if you've already voted, find someone who hasn't and convince them that they should!!

  2. Reason #10: non-US citizens would give an arm and a leg to participate in the most influential election in the world! GO VOTE AMERICAN PEEPS!

    (great post - hope it inspires many to go out and get to the polling stations!)

  3. This is one instance where we're very lucky to live in Arizona, which has GREAT voting systems for mail, early voting, and efficient polling stations on Election Day.

    As opposed to Ohio and Florida, who have (a) 7+ hour waiting times, (b) Republican legislatures that restricted early or mail voting, and (c) curiously did the most restricting in democratic-leaning districts.

  4. My husband is home today, and so he's taking our daughter to her first ever polling station! I'm going after I get home from work, and I might drag her in for a second time. We already believe in the importance of voting, but now I want to model good citizenship for her. It's never too early to start--plus, she loves stickers. I'm glad you voted!

  5. I voted early on Friday 'cause I didn't want to deal with all of the crazy today. But I'm so excited that I'm apart of the cool club!!! Haha.

    Actually, I am really grateful that Wisconsin, specifically the town where I live, is really efficient and encourages voting like CRAZY (even though majority are Mitt people). I feel so saddened that certain people are trying to scare away people from this important right.

    FYI, Alverno College (my school) cancelled ALL classes today so that people go and vote. Especially since we're a women's college, we really gotta vote and maintain our won rights!!!



    2. I don't know why there isn't one in Tucson, but someone should start one!

  6. Yes, yes and yes. I try my absolute hardest not to judge people on who they vote for (even when their opinions make me want to bang my head against a wall) but people who don't vote seriously piss me off. Wish I was a US citizen and could vote with you all, we've already got a Conservative government in the UK, and I don't want to think about how Romney will affect UK politics if he gets in. I'll be watching along very late tonight to see how it goes xo

    1. I encourage everyone to vote even if they disagree with my viewpoints. The world is a better place if everyone cares enough to act, and that is a fact! xoxoxo

  7. I voted for Obama here in GA even though I knew the state going to go to Romney because, well, I can! Those 8 reasons listed above are so very, very true. Plus some folks forget that local politics are so very important too...and I think we might have changed some things around here in Athens. Yes!


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