If you really knew me, you would know:

- My laugh is so loud that it travels across a department store size building.
- I have 206 creative bones in my body.
-I have been a hundred people and lived a hundred lives.
-Sometimes I exaggerate. But only sometimes. So... maybe 20 people and 20 lives. Either way, it's a lot.
-I've had anxiety dreams every night for most of my life.
-I graduated high school at 16 but had no idea what I was doing.
-I was so jealous of the VonTrap children that I couldn't watch The Sound of Music for years. I'm glad I got over that because it's one of my favorite movies of all time. I still kinda wish I was Liesel. Along with that, I've seen every Rogers and Hammerstein musical ever made. If you haven't, you should change that.
-I didn't have my first kiss until I was 20.
-I miss college and my naivete so much that looking at old photographs causes more pain than nostalgia.
- I played the violin/fiddle, guitar, piano, recorder, and mandolin, but all I want to learn is the ukulele.
-All of my wrong turns have led me to the right place.
-I say "dollars" instead of "money". Ex: Hey, do you have any dollars I can borrow forever?
-I always give people the benefit of the doubt unless they give me a reason to do otherwise. But then they put themselves on my eternal shit list. Beware.
- I am the fattest I have ever been, but somehow I now love myself the most.
-No matter what, every time I go thrifting everything in my cart ends up being black or red.
-I used to be a Hipster then I quit. But I still love PBR, pretty bicycles, and Stereo Total.
-I really don't like shaving my legs, but I hate it when my legs are hairy. Conundrum.
-I am, and probably will always be a book snob. Conversely, I used to be a movie snob but I ditched that for good.
-I used to sing second soprano and alto in a prestigious choir, but lost my ability after smoking for a few years. Goddamnit.
- I chose each of my tattoos to represent a significant part of my life and I have yet to regret one. Probably because each part of my life will always have a influence on who I am today and tomorrow.
-I plan on traveling the world and educating about Mental Health as a Behavioral Health professional.
-When I was 7 I got my shoelace and then foot caught in an escalator. In order for us not to sue the mall, they gave me brand new lace shoes. Best day of my 7 year old life. But I had a fear of escalators for years.
-I feel perfectly natural with purple hair.
-I care. A lot.

Give me ONE thing that I would know about you... if I really knew you. Ready..... GO!


  1. I love the sound of music too! This one's for you girl:

    ps- LOVE your mental health education plan. Do it!

  2. if you really knew me, you'd know friends used to challenge me to recite shel silverstein poems when drinking. i was only stumped once.

  3. if you really knew me you'd know that I never feel like I fit in quite right anywhere...but that I don't particularly care. ;)
    You have the best blogs!

  4. "I am the fattest I have ever been, but somehow I now love myself the most."

    I SO get this. I never thought when I was a crazy insecure 16 year old that 10 years later I'd be 70 pounds heavier (the HORROR) but feel more positive about myself and how I look than I ever had before.

  5. I'll do you one better: a whole post of if you really knew me facts!

  6. Looka all the faces of Jes! All lovely. All inspirational. This looks like a fun list. I should try this!

    I can't think of a random fact about me yet. I will have to think on it.


  7. Oh my god, a sadistic babysitter pushed me forward on an escalator when I was a kid (I was moving too slowly for her liking I guess) and I fell down, leading to me being totally freaked out by going down escalators pretty much forever. I still step on super carefully every time!

    1. YIKES. That would be traumatizing on a millions levels!

  8. I hereby love this post.

    If you knew me you'd know I fucking love puzzles. Math, video games, crappy little brain teaser books at the dollar store.

    Also, I'm a mermaid.

  9. I adore that collage.

    And your foot got caught in the escalator?! That's the scariest thing!!! Whenever I have laced shoes on and am riding the escalators I always make an exaggerated step over the ends. It freaks me out so much. Actually, I always think of Mall Rats whenever I think about getting caught in an escalator.

    The thing that you would know about me, if you truly truly knew me, it would be that I'm two people in one body. I'm a hopeless romantic and try to think the best of people. I want to help everyone be the best that they can be even if it meant sacrificing my time (and sometimes money). Then the other half is cynical and cruel and cannot wait for the zombie apocalypse to destroy most of humanity. It's a giant battle that I deal with. The conflicting views get very annoying.

    1. I used to think I was two colors... yellow and maroon, so I totally get you. Thats a great one:)

    2. Used to think? I really like that color combination, yellow and maroon, they're very beautiful together.

  10. I got my shoelace stuck in an escalator as well. It was at our big main library, I was about 5. Scariest thing of my short 5 years.

    If you really knew me you would know, I had perfect sunday school attendance from kindergarten to grade 12. Which is particularly impressive considering we lived in 4 difference provinces by the time I was 12.

  11. I have MAD skills at solving crafting problems :) my friends love picking my brain for solutions.
    By the way I love the blog, just discovered it and I am really enjoying your insights! I am sorry for posting anonymous but I have no Idea what the other choices were! Heh, I never said I was tech savy!

  12. I once got my arm stuck in the automatic door of a grocery store when i was a kid.

    If you really knew me...You'd know that you really don't.

    sloan_gray at yahoo dot com

  13. Oh man, I really want to learn the Ukulele too. I'm actually thinking of picking one up as soon as I have the cash!

    Allie xx

  14. u played fiddle! violin hickey necks unite. also, ukes are very inexpensive and VERY easy to learn! it's a piece of cake compared to the violin or the guitar. my husband absolutely loves it. if you get a chance, check out victoria vox. she's a uke player from door county, wisconsin (near where i live) and she's amazing.


  15. Eee, I am learning to play the uke - literally, as of last night! I've played flute and guitar, sang in school/after school/statewide choirs, but I've always sucked at reading music so I have big anxiety about learning an instrument. So far I can play Darling Clementine and Swanee River pretty well, at least my three year old thinks so. Our local instrument store had these teeny half-size ukes for $30 - the huz is an instrument snob (we once spent half of our tax refund on a harpsichord) and says they sound awesome for the price, PLUS they come in red, yellow, and pink. You should see if there's something like them available in your area. It is fun and a half.


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