I'm fascinated by cookie butter. Do you know what it is? Its a creamy pasty butter made from shortbread type cookies that tastes like a mixture of snickerdoodles and gingerbread. Well, that's the best explanation I can give anyways... the label on the Trader Joe's container says that you just have to try it to know what it tastes like... it's hard to pin down.

I made Cookie Butter Cake yesteday and GODDAMN its delicious. I used vanilla cake, and layered straight cookie butter in the middle along with a cookie butter cream cheese frosting. The result was life changing.

I have a favorite cream cheese frosting recipe, and it's the only one I use anymore. It contains mostly cream cheese (important), a little butter (little is important) and also sour cream. This gives it a super light consistency that isn't too sweet or too heavy.

Jes's Favorite Cream Cheese Frosting:

16 oz cream cheese
1/2 c. softened butter
1/4 c. sour cream
4 c. powdered sugar and
a dash of vanilla.

Whip the cream cheese with the paddle until its super light and smooth. Add the butter and whip again.
Add the rest of the ingredients and scrape and whisk until its evenly combined. You can leave the mixer on high speed for a couple minutes to add some extra fluffy air if you would like...

I added about a 1/2 cup of cookie butter at the end and the flavor was pleasantly smooth.

Frost and devour.



  1. Holy yum!!!! That looks and sounds amazeballs!

  2. sounds amazing!!! I wish there was a trader Joe's where I live..I miss shopping there!

    1. It's true. When I moved to Idaho for college, I may or may not have cried because they didn't have anything like a Trader Joes.

      I've heard that there is cookie butter by Biscoff? Maybe they have that in regular stores?

  3. This just got me so pumped! They're opening a new Trader Joe's near my house and I can't wait to taste cookie butter. Sure we had a Trader Joe's near-ish before, but it was a good 40 minutes away. When I get this I'm going to attempt to make something as tasty and I'll let you know how it goes. =D

    1. Man. My Him and I gripe a little because the two closest TJ's are over 25 minutes away... Sometimes I forget that we're lucky to have them at all!

  4. dannnnng i love cookie butter! that looks amazing.

  5. i just clicked on over from kate's blog and i love everything i see! i haven't had speculoos butter before but my friend shannon is obsessed with it! she has posted a few recipes about it and i think they are all linked up here if you are interested:

    i can't wait to follow along now =]

    1. GOOD. GOD. She is awesome. Thanks for the link! And THANKS for stopping by! You and your blog are just too wonderful. This is definitely my favorite part of writing online: finding stellar ladies like yourself that otherwise would be unavailable because of continental travel!!! xoxoxo


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