I wanted marshmallow frosting, and I didn't have marshmallows.
My solution? Make 'em.

These are super sugary and super bouncy. Mostly super sugary.
I would recommend em for s'mores, hot chocolate and of course marshmallow frosting.


adapted from Alton Brown's recipe

3 T unflavored gelatin
1 c cold water
1 ½ c. regular sugar
1 c corn syrup
¼ t kosher salt
1 t vanilla extract
A BUNCH of powdered sugar.

Tools needed
stand mixer/whisk attachment
heat tolerant spatula
sauce pan
candy thermometer
baking pan

Put the gelatin and ½ cup of the cold water into the Kitchenaid bowl and let it sit while you cook up some sugar water.

In a saucepan combine the other ½ cup water, corn syrup, sugar, and salt. Cook it covered over medium heat for 4 minutes. Uncover and finish cooking until your candy thermometer says 240˚.  Remove and take it on over to your gelatin hanging out in the mixer.

Turn the mixer on medium low speed and combine the gelatin and water. Keep it running and slowly pour the sugar mixture down the side of the bowl. SLOW.LY. Afterwards you can mix it on high for forever or maybe 15 minutes… the mixture will go from scalding and clear to lukewarm and fluffy. This is good.  Add the vanilla and whip it until it’s combined.

Spray your pan (deep baking sheet size or smaller) a little with cooking spray and “flour” the pan with powdered sugar (not actual flour). Pour your creamy fluffy mallow mixture into the pan, flatten it, and refrigerate overnight. That’s pretty much it.

If you want to cut it, flip it out onto a cutting board and use a knife covered in powdered sugar so it doesn’t stick. Afterward, roll the sticky sides in powdered sugar so... they're not sticky. SCIENCE!

COOL TIP: If you want “traditional” looking marshmallows, instead of putting it in a pan, pipe it into long round lines 1” apart. After they’re chilled you can use floured scissors (or a floured pastry cutter even!) to cut them into little cylinders. Toldja it was cool!


  1. I love making marshmallows! but it's so messy! ha!

    1. Fo realz. I was wearing all black today and left work in all grey.


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