Pancakes are our catch all at our house. For one thing, breakfast (for dinner especially) is the most delicious food everrrrrr! Second, we usually have everything to make it lying around. SO. I took the basic recipe I use, which is perfect, and added simple ingredients to make FOUR summery kickass versions:

Blackberry with Red Wine Reduction Simple Syrup
Sugared Lemon Basil
Fresh Poached Kumquat Ginger and Brown Sugar
Mixed Berry with Greek Yogurt and Honey.

You're drooling already huh? I can see it.

The basic recipe goes like this:
1 c flour
2 t baking powder
1/2 t. baking soda
1/2 t. salt
2 T sugar (brown or white)

Mix this all together and then add the liquids:
3/4 c milk
1 egg
1/2 t vanilla
2 T melted butter or oil.

Whisk, let sit for 5 minutes and then cook away!

 Poached Kumquat Ginger and Brown Sugar:

Add to the finished batter: the zest of 5 or 6 kumquats and 1/2 t. of fresh grated ginger.
To make the poached kumquat brown sugar glaze, put 1 c of water to simmer with halved kumquats. Let this simmer for 10 minutes and then add 1/3 c brown sugar. Stir until the sugar dissolves and let it sit until cool!

 Blackberry with Red Wine Reduction Simple Syrup:

I added some chopped frozen berries to the batter (if you use these the cooking time will be longer!) and then made the reduction. Here's how: Take any amount of wine... say a cup and simmer it until it reduces in half! It doesn't take as long as you would think and it's SO simple! Add 1/4 c sugar and mix it to dissolve. Red wine reduction simple syrup! Delicioso.

 Sugared Lemon Basil:

I have fresh basil growing in my window (for now...) so I wanted to figure out a way to incorporate it!
The zest from a lemon, and the juice AND 3 or 4 julienned basil leaves!
While one side was cooking, I dusted the top with sugar and flipped it over.
Garnish more sugar and serve 'em warm!

Mixed Berry with Greek Yogurt and Honey:

More frozen berries! You can mix them in before cooking them, or you can sprinkle them on top while the first side cooks. Top with greek yogurt (I like Trader Joe's honey version!) and drizzle with honey. Its really really good for you and super fresh light and delicious.

Do you have any versions of pancakes that YOU would like to share?


  1. ooo i need to try the mixed berry one! i can't believe i've never thought of that!

    1. I love it when I find good for you foods that are also DELICIOUS!


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