We're a little heavy handed on the activism, I know. I promise that a good recipe will be coming your way.

Speaking of recipes and pies, I made Banana Creme Pie yesterday and tried to take pictures of it uncut, but it looked so boring that I couldn't bring myself to post it even if the whipped cream was delicious.

I digress.

Lesley Kinzel wrote an article called 
"Standing Out is Okay. Standing Up is Okay. Doing Both at Once, Well, That's Activism."

I fell in love with her explanation of the two different kinds of feminism in terms of pie:

"Liberal feminists are asking for their share of the pie, a piece as big as anyone else's. However, radical feminists are asking for a different pie altogether. Liberal activism (i.e. "We're just like you!" activism) tends to be a conversation about assimilation and tolerance, and about being given a place at the table. Radical activism sees the existing system as broken and unsalvageable, and attempts to subvert, if not destroy, the system altogether"

Are you a liberal activist, radical activist, or somewhere in between?


  1. i would like to say i'm a radical activist. i really was in college, but since then i've kind of dropped off the scene since no one i know is really into talking about gender constructs and a woman's place. I need to get back into it! can't let my minor in women's studies go to waste!

  2. ooooh my favorite topic. I'm pluralistic myself because I don't think liberal feminism covers it all, I tend to agree more with postmodern thoughts on the subject - that gender is socially constructed. However, I do believe that each individual is different and should be treated as an individual, not related to the sex organs they happen to own.
    while radical / difference feminism isn't for me, I still respect that idea, that feminine traits are "as good" as masculine traits. But it seems to me that this plays into the male/female binary.


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