I wanted to give you a heads up that I'm going to be doing a Facebook Live series every Saturday for the rest of October with Dia & Co where we take some of the pieces of clothing that scare us and figure out how to rock them!

We'll be going live starting THIS SATURDAY on these dates:

October 12th, 2019
October 19th, 2019
October 26th, 2019
Join in by checking it out on Dia & Co's Facebook page on the dates above at 7pm EST/4pm PT. Ask me your questions, share your stories, participate in the challenges with #WearWhatScaresYou and hang out with me while I'm kinda sorta awkward in real-time.

(Just in case you missed it: Dia & Co is a fa(t)shion subscription box that is exclusively for folx size 14 and upWhen you subscribe, you answer some questions (your size/preferences/what you love/don't love/want/wish for) and they have an individual stylist for each person- yes, including you! Your stylist puts together a box of five pieces of clothing they think that you'll love and then you get to try them on! Love 'em? Buy 'em! Hate 'em? Send them right on back.

It's a really great way to try new styles and figure out how different brands fit you. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the way around.)

These videos are going to be a BLAST and the boxes are always rad. See you there!

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