I've been working with MedZone for over two years now and there's a damn good reason: everything they have sent me is fucking. Awesome. Everything they send over... works. I have no qualms about saying that I love them with both my heart and soul.

In case you're unfamiliar, MedZone is a company that started out creating products specifically designed for athletes but has now branched out and offers them to everyone; they even started specifically catering to the plus community with their killer anti-chub rub stick. I happened to bring a travel sized version of it with me to a fashion show in Portland a few months ago thank god I did! It ended up being passed around to all the models right before the show and which caused numerous sighs of relief.

A few months ago my pal Joe (I feel like we're friends at this point) shipped several PainZone bottles my way and they're already half empty. There are all the technical product specifics you should know like: 

  • There are tons of topical pain relivers on the market but PainZone is different with 3 Active Ingredients instead of 1 or 2 used by most competitors 
  • You can use it for back pain, sore muscles, arthritis symptoms…even on the bottom of your feet after a long day on the runway (Several plus models use it often for this)
  • There is no water in the formula 
  • It has previously been used by professional and collegiate athletes and
  • Every product is made in the USA and come with a 100% No Risk Guarantee  

But here's why I love it: not only does the product work almost immediately (and smells like spearmint!) but the bottles have a plastic roller-ball applicator that makes for a REALLY good massage. I've been known to sprawl out on my bed and ask my partner roller "that mint stuff" over my back or shoulders... it feels so amazing I often make inappropriate noises while he's applying it so I would recommend that you're careful about using it in public. 

So hell yeah, this shit is great. I even gave a bottle to my grandma because I love her and I'm offering this rad giveaway because I love YOU, obviously.

Giveaways happen when someone contacts me and says: I wanna buy a specific spot on your blog so I can give free awesome shit to your readers. To which I say:  Does it involve baking commercial cakes in a residential kitchen, opening mail or fixing flat tires? (I hate ALL of those things) and when they come back and say NO, actually it's really awesome you and your readers will definitely like it!, chances are I'll investigate and then say... OKAY! Let's do this.

This then means that I'm renting out some real estate, they're getting exposure, and you're getting presents year round. Which is amazing for everyone and I'm glad I'm doing more of these. Things to know: depending on who it is, they might letcha follow their social media accounts to have extra entry options. But no matter what, I always ask that there is a chance for everyone to enter at least once without having to "like" or "follow" anything. If you want to be an overachiever beyond that, it's up to you. Like and follow away!

AND, of course, if you think giveaways are bullshit, you're allowed to skip everything all together
and just come back for my next post which will likely be about why unflattering photos are the most important kinds to post. You're a grown ass adult and you get to make your own decisions, mmkay?

If you're totally into MedZone products and want to win a gift basket from them (which includes their products for pain, chafing, blisters and burns) + $100 AMAZON GIFT CARD (what?!? Amazon gift cards are totally my love language!) all you need to do is submit your email address (don't forget to catch the additional entry options too) and cross your fingers! Ten of you will also win a PainZone gift bag (with both a full size and travel size bottle) which means that we will have ELEVEN WINNERS. The odds are damn good here, folks!

The fine print that's actually just normal sized print but still important: MedZone can only ship to the US currently. I'm sorry international pals! They will start shipping internationally soon and maybe we can do another giveaway then... but for now this giveaway is US only. *Sob* 

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Sending you winning vibes! You got this!

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