This post is brought to you by the letter L, excessive lathering, and Luminance Skincare's new KRE line!

My normal facial cleansing routine is pretty simple: grab the pack of grapefruit face wipes on my nightstand, select one sheet, rub it all over my face and then promptly fall asleep.

To call my system "rudimentary" is to give it more credit than it deserves.

So when Luminance Skincare emailed me asking if I wanted to try their new KRE line my answer was a fast and firm YES. I was beyond excited to have my first chance to live that luxurious beauty blogger life I keep reading about.

KRE Skincare is a organic, non-toxic, peptide rich line consisting of six products that just launched and I couldn't wait to get my hands on a high-end facial routine.

While the website promotes the line in part as an anti-aging solution, I definitely did not use it as such. First of all, I'm 31. Secondly, I believe that aging is a gift and isn't something that needs to be prevented. Instead, I used it as a chance to find out what a fancy facial routine feels like and for it's other prescribed purpose: to help with my breakouts... something that has become a constant in my life lately thanks to the unwelcome thing some call stress.

Of course, the second they arrived, my first order of business was to sniff each product because that's obviously what you do when presented with new beauty items. If I had to describe the scent I would say the creams and lotions have a subtle smell that reminds me of very lightly toasted pumpkin seeds.

Maybe I'm just confusing peptides and pepitas? Regardless, it is definitely lovely.

With all six products in hand I followed their step-by-step instructions:

  1. Pre-cleanse oils: I've never put oil on my face on purpose... ever. Turns out, it's really helpful.
  2. Lather: My favorite step. The longer you rub your hands together the foamier it becomes.
  3. Cleanse: Do I need to explain how to do this?
  4. Tone: Cucumber scented mist is the best! PRO BEAUTY TIP: close your eyes when you spray this; it makes for a much more enjoyable experience. I had to learn this the hard way.
  5. Apply serum: The perfect "lightly toasted pumpkin seed" smelling cream. A little goes a long way.
  7. Apply eye cream: This feels like the ultimate luxury. Who regularly uses eye cream? Probably tons of people, with the exception of me. Until now anyways. Bonus: the eye cream also smells like cucumbers which makes me feel like I just visited a spa.

How did I feel after all seven steps? 

Super soft, glowy and really, really... adult-ey? 

It kind of felt like the most grown-up thing I've ever done for myself which I suppose isn't a surprise since I still read picture books and choose my wardrobe by reaching for whatever is closest to me on the floor.

An unexpected result of having such a dewy face was that is also made me feel like just maybe Jessica Alba or Gwyneth Paltrow (or whoever else owns extravagant skin care lines and washes their face five times a day) would nod in my direction if they saw me on the street and give me a "I see you and your fancy skin" wink.

I can't wait for that day, but until then I'll definitely be using the KRE line while feeling like a glistening goddess that looks like she has her shit together.


ETA: I received the BEST kind of email from KRE yesterday. I sent over the link to this post with a message that went something like this: " I wanted to mention that it was imperative to discuss the anti-aging factor because my message (and our community) is firmly rooted in the idea that all ages are perfect as they are. I will always believe that transparency is always the best policy."

Wondering what there response would be I braced myself, though unnecessarily. This came back as their reply: "I wanted to ask you if you had any suggestions for us in our brand messaging for KRE? We used the term anti-aging because it was that one word to communicate a message about powerful ingredients, but Kim (our founder) doesn't like the term. He's 60 and we agree, it's not about changing an appearance, but helping your skin be healthy as possible, so that people can be comfortable in their own skin. We'd totally love any suggestions on this."

SO AWESOME. If you have any suggestions for them, leave them below! Let's get anti-aging out of all marketing... one company at a time!


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