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While at a medical appointment a few weeks ago, the clinician who helped me was visibly plus size and I sighed with relief. The first thought that went through my head was “THANK GOD SOMEONE WHO GETS IT SO THAT I CAN BE MORE COMFORTABLE AROUND THEM”. The second was "Do they only play country music here?", the third was "Where should I go to lunch afterwards?" but the FOURTH was "It's not easy to find a ton of cute plus dresses to choose from compared to straight size options…. it's got to be nearly impossible to find a variety of plus scrubs to choose from."

Yep, I thought all of those things in that order.

I didn't ask her about her shopping options (though we did get some awesome body image conversations going) but a company named Jaanuu popped into my inbox a few days later asking if I wanted to share their launch of new PLUS SIZE SCRUBS.

Wild. It's almost like internet cookies follow me around in real life.

I said UH, YES PLEASE (since there are 13 million healthcare professionals out there and yes many of them are plus size), here are some of the details from their launch:

  • FIT: Jaanuu fits all styles on an actual plus-size fit model - one who also happened to be a nurse (whereas most brands often create plus sizes by using a size 6 fit model and simply scaling up). Digging into every aspect of the garment helped them understand how clothes fit on plus-size women in general. For instance, they realized they had to widen the sleeve opening on their best-selling top -- the Tulip Top -- to allow for better ease of movement and comfort.
  • FABRIC: They developed a new ponte fabric that give her extra stretch and comfort. Two of the styles mix their current scrub fabric with the ponte so she still has the option of having a classic scrub look with the added comfort of a premium stretch fabric.
  • FEEDBACK: Jaanuu conducted a wear test by sending samples to plus-size nurses across the country and asking them to give them honest feedback after wearing the scrubs to work. They took this process seriously, even altering the width of a pant leg based off of the women’s input.

This line -launched yesterday!- goes up to a 3X (which is amazing for those up to 20/22ish!!!) and when I asked if they would be extending the sizes, they said that they definitely would post-launch if they saw there was interest. This often happens with companies branching out SO if you're someone who would really benefit from a larger size (22+), make sure to let them know there here that there definitely IS interest and to sign you up!

My "work from home uniform" usually consists of pajama shorts and a tank top which is a little easier to find in my size so CHEERS to more size inclusive clothing in every profession!


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