This post is brought to you by Chafe Zone, fucking humidity, and formulas for my forever touching thighs.

You've probably seen a bunch of your fav bloggers posting about this particular product; I know I have. I'm assuming that this is happening is for two reasons. 1.) Joe from ChafeZone is impressively dedicated to getting the word out about this product and 2.) Lots of us have tried it and actually think it's pretty damn great. Frreal. 

While the company initially started out creating items specifically for athletes, they're now tapping into another (though not necessarily unrelated, mind you) demographic: those who's thighs touch because they loooooooove each other. Hi, that's me... and probably many of you. And while the idea of thigh romance is sweet and all, as summer approaches it quickly becomes a pain my the ass. Or, rather- a pain in my upper leg region.

God, please forgive me for that painfully terrible joke.

Last year I tried their basic anti-chafing stick (which was great) but this year is ChafeZone's product specifically for all that rubbin' chub.

Tucson is a fairly dry town (don't be jealous though, our high last summer was 116°), but I often travel to humid cities in the summer where walking is the #1 form of transportation (whats up NYC!). Now that I'm older, wiser and (still) a dedicated dress fanatic I now take an anti-chafing solution with me every where I travel. Which is why I'm eternally grateful for their adorable travel size version.

Raw and throbbing inner thighs are painful AF, so cheers to NEVER HAVING TO TAKE TINY STEPS ON YOUR WAY TO FIND BABY POWDER AGAIN!

I know lots of you know that feel, too... and I can't say I'll ever miss it. 💗


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