This post is brought to you by style, social change, the letter S*, and 7 Charming Sisters!

At 30, I'm just now starting to enjoy jewelry.

It only took me 11,000ish days of my life to become really comfortable with accessories but now that I have more access to clothing options (hurrah for the increasing availability of plus size fashion!) I'm starting to experiment with new looks. Cool brands? They make even better.

Meet 7 Charming Sisters: Seven ladies who have built a company around their individual styles and then each created a line of jewelry that matched them. They personally identify as the Executive, the Life of the Party, the Super Mom, the All-American Girl, the Fashionista, the Sexy Nerd and (my personal favorite) the Social Butterfly. In my humble opinion, Donalda is forever on POINT.


Here's the part where I get really hooked: They are not only bad-ass Boss Ladies who run their own dream biz, but they're also socially aware humans who are committed to carving out employment opportunities for adults with disabilities. As someone who has worked with this demographic (and quite literally spent my working hours helping them find independent employment!) I know how needed and AMAZING this is! I did some background research to find out how it works and learned that their employees are both paid for the jewelry they make and given commission for each piece sold. So if you want to specifically support these rad workers, you can find their handmade pieces here.

I'm in love with a company that makes jobs accessible to groups of people who often want to work but run into systemic barriers that don't always allow them to. I'm so here for this concept on all levels.

You can take their Sister Quiz to see what line suits you, or just browse their entire catalog. Either way, make sure you don't miss their ($7!)  End of the Year Sale!


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* Idea borrowed from my fav human Sarah VonBargen (who probs borrowed it from Sesame Street if we're gonna be honest.)

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