After traveling all over the country and attending a bazillion bad-ass body positive events (well, a generous handful), I'm thrilled to share that there is one coming to you this Friday in TUCSON for all you local folx (Phoenix too) that I love so much!

Come witness 9 incredible performers speak their truth about their body, how they introduce it to the world, and how the world introduces itself to them.

SPEAKERS: "Hello, My Body Is _____" is an outside spoken word event performed by several amazing humans including: 

Adiba Nelson, 
Rambo Reza,
Courtney Armstead,
Doyle Ray,
Carlé Brioso, 
Mrs. Charli, 
Serena Freewomyn
Issac Kirkman (our bonus performer!)
Oakland's Tigress Osborn will be joining us as an honored guest!

ADMISSION: Entrance is free, with a suggested donation of $5 from those who are inclined and/or able. All proceeds go directly to our wonderful performers as a thank you for their time, talent, creativity and emotional work/gifts.

TIME: "Hello, My Body Is _____" starts at 6:30pm. Come sip some coffee, wine, or whatever-else-you-love-to-drink and lets talk about body revelations and revolutions!

The audience will also get to participate by filling out their own "Hello, My Body Is ____" name tags with the option of having them read anonymously with the community, so start thinking of what that might mean for you!

ACCESSIBILITY: Passe's new owners are working on making this event especially wheelchair accessible. The entrance is accessible, and ramps will be in place. Because the place gets crowded we will have a host who will be able to assist in navigating the crowd to make sure all wheelchairs and scooters will be able to move through. The only tricky part of the back patio is a gravel patch which will ideally have a cover on it so that this is no longer an issue! I will be sure to update this the day before so that all items are confirmed and all updates are posted.

AGE APPROPRIATENESS: The speakers are all adults and will be sharing their stories without filter. Parents are welcome to decide if this is appropriate for their children. On our end, we welcome all ages!

Can't wait to see you there!

Hugs and cacti,

P.S. You can RSVP to the Facebook invite and get all the updates + extra info as the day gets closer!

P.P.S. Some bios because these people are rad AF (larger versions here):

ETA: Thank you so much to every single person who came. Standing room only. Vulnerabilities galore. Laughter, tears, feels... everything was raw, real and perfect. Thank you Tucson. Thank you thank you thank you. 

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