Today has already been really productive. I Googled World's Cutest Cat, Best Cat Videos Ever, and All the Cat Stuff You Never Knew You Needed But Totally Do. Two hours later (DON'T JUDGE) I've compiled everything you'll find below. I found myself really conflicted while web surfin' however,because most people agree that the "worlds cutest cat" is unanimously Daisy but I find Katie's Moo cat to be equally lovable. The problem though is that I tend to think all cats are hella cute  ('specially my kitten named Fisher... gawd), so I'm not the greatest judge. I'll leave those difficult decisions to you. 


Thanks to today and all the cat research I've done (sometimes it's a tough life, y'all) it's become very clear that this cat is my #1 style icon:

And I don't need an online test to know that my Patronus is DEFINITELY THIS CAT:


Need more cat-tasticness? I know it's not a word but I don't care so here's my favorite video in which cats prove (once again) that they run the world:

Honorable video mention: Cats knocking over stuff. Y'know like, trees, boxes, babies, food, other cats... and then fleeing the scene like nothing ever happened. Because: cats.

ALSO: A compilation of the best cat Instagrams which I co-sign.

AND for all the cat lovers out there who's biggest fear is that other people don't know just how much you love your cat (or cats- PLURAL- what's up fellow cat collectors!)  I've put together some SUPER KICK-ASS cat lovin' paraphernalia so that your feline adoration is crystal clear. (Note: all clothing items come in plus sizes because fat babes deserve all that rad cat swag too! Obviously.) 

  1.  Cats Against Cat Calls shirt (up to 3x/Unisex up to 5x)
  2.  "Nerd Cat" print
  3. Plus size cat tights
  4. Cat Family nesting dolls
  5.  "Cat Dad" Shirt (unisex up to 3x)
  6. Feminist Killjoy (Hi, that's me) mug
  7. Air deodorizing (what's up litter box!) Cat Lady Candle
  8.  Cat map of the world
  9.  FLYING CATS ON SPARKLY UNICORN GALLOPING THROUGH THE GALAZY SHIRT. Sorry about the all caps. It just felt needed. (Up to 4x, though it's handmade so I might try contacting her if you need a larger size!) 
  10. Cats socks
  11. Plus Size Kitty Skater Dress (0x-4x) 
  12.  Ask Me About My Cats desk plaque 
  13. Skater skirt in CATS. SO MANY CATS (up to 4x)

And how could I forget the recent sweater cat dress with pockets that I've been wearing everywhere?!?

HAPPY NATIONAL CAT DAY, MY CAT LOVIN' FRIENDS! May your feline pals always be one of the best parts of your life!

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