Coming to you live from my hotel room in NYC where yes, I actually did bring the above ChafeZone stick with me because: humidity and shit tons of walking = chub-rub at it's finest! Or worst. Whichever.

It seems like so many options have been cropping up for warding off chub-rub lately, and it's about time! I've personally tried several products that are "wearables" aka underthings that help stop the chafe but until now I've never tried a topically applied solution. So full disclosure- this is my first "apply to skin" anti chub-rub product that I've tried. That being said I can 100% honestly share that I like it. A LOT.

It's light (made with aloe), smooth, and after spending most of my life just using baby powder as relief after my skin got raw AF... well, it almost seems magical. I've heard good things from others (Margot swears by it) BUT LUCKILY FOR ALL OF YOU, you don't have to take our word for it. Because 28 of you get to try it out for yourself. For free.

GOD, free stuff is so rad. Amiright?

Giveaways happen when someone contacts me and says: I wanna buy a specific spot on your blog so I can give free awesome shit to your readers. To which I say: does it involve middle seats on airplanes, 110 degree heat, or making my bed? (I hate ALL of those things) and when they come back and say NO, actually it's really awesome you and your readers will definitely like it!, chances are I'll investigate and then say... OKAY! Let's do this.

This then means that I'm renting out some real estate, they're getting exposure, and you're getting presents year round. Which is amazing for everyone and I'm glad I'm doing more of these. Things to know: depending on who it is, they might letcha follow their social media accounts to have extra entry options. But no matter what, I always ask that there is a chance for everyone to enter at least once without having to "like" or "follow" anything. If you want to be an overachiever beyond that, it's up to you. Like and follow away.

AND, of course, if you think giveaways are bullshit, you're allowed to skip everything all together and just come back for my next post which will likely be about traveling to Belize. You're a grown ass adult and you get to make your own decisions, mmkay?

TWENTY EIGHT WINNERS. Because 28 is a great number and why not?!?!?

  • Three of you will win a Gift Pack which includes their whole slew of products: ChafeZone for the chub-rub (in regular and travel size), a travel size BlisterZone (for those new boots you need to break in) and a roll on version of PainZone (think Bengay but awesome). Huzzah!
  • Twenty five of you will win your own ChafeZone stick for you to try for yourself! The odds are definitely in your favor for this one.

The fine print that's actually just normal sized print but still important: MedZone (the company that makes this rad stuff) can only ship to the US currently. I'm sorry international pals! They will start shipping internationally in 2017 and maybe we can do another giveaway then... but for now this giveaway is US only. *Sob* 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
SO, TWENTY EIGHT WINNERS. The first three chosen randomly will win the Gift Pack, and the following random 25 winners will win the ChafeZone stick! Enter away ! One week to do so! I'm rooting for you <3

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