OH GUYS. It's going to be a wonderful couple of months.

There are some great body/fat positive events happening 'round these parts and I can't tell you how magical it is to be in a giant room surrounded by rad, loving humans who just... get it. It's been life changing so far and will continue to be so. I just know it.

August 13th | The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo | Atlanta, GA

HOLY SHIT MAUI BIGELOW IS GOING TO BE THERE. And Shaina. And La'Krisha. And Erica. And Alysse. AND THAT'S JUST ONE LITTLE PANEL. Every plus sized human I love will be in Atlanta this weekend and I hope to see you there TOO! We can all bemoan the humidity together! You can still nab tickets here.

September 18th | Curvy Girl Lingerie Fashion show | San Jose, CA

Chrystal is doing another kick-ass fat girl fashion show and I'm going to be there cheering everyone on! And signing books. And hugging Sonya Renee. And getting Virgie to finally sign her book for me. Bay area... you best come and lemme kiss your face! Tickets are here and you can use the code LOVE to get a discount on the bottom two options!

September 25th | Knock Out Plus Size Pop-Up | Portland, OR

Claire of Copper Union has put together the most amazing pop-up/fashion show/plus party EVER and I'm going to be there giving a quick spiel about how political fatshion can be, rocking RE/DRESS on the runway, and feeling the love all around. You can get tickets here. And Portland? I've always dreamed of visiting you. Can't wait!

You can also bring me to your campus or event this fall (or even spring of 2017) pretty damn easily! All the information you need is here.


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