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IS IT THE END OF SUMMER YET? It doesn't feel like it here (110 + teasing storm clouds) but my bank teller tells me that her son started school last Wednesday and the lines at Target are full of students and their parents buying everything available in chevron print. So folks... sounds like summer is coming to a close and all I can say is PRAISE. THE. LORD.

In celebration of this very exciting part of the year (someone send cooler weather to Tucson asap thx), I have some dresses for you. Affordable, cute (and sometimes sexy), plus-size dresses. My favorite 9 (aka the ones I would wear all at once if possible) are as follows:

(EDITED TO ADD: Check the measurements before ordering as it looks like the sizes run smalllllllll)

The "Casuals"
Belted Denim dress ($18 in 5x)
Flared Sleeve Pink dress ($31 in xl-5x)
Batwing dress ($23 in 2x-5x)

"The Retros"
Pink Pencil Strap dress ($17 in xl-4x) 

"The (kinda) LBDs"
Black Lace Maxi ($26 in xl-3x)
Puffed Sleeve Babydoll dress  ($34 in xl-4x this is my personal favorite)

Did anyone else keep hoping that Brittany Gibbons was the model for all these outfits? P.S. Nextmia, Brittany would be a GREAT model for your next shoot.

Just putting that out there.

* Idea borrowed from my fav human Sarah VonBargen (who likely borrowed it from Sesame Street if we're gonna be honest.)

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