I don't know if I've ever been so excited about a giveaway. Because, y'know... not many of them have been for sex toys, baby doll nighties, or 1940's pantyhose.

But this one is.

Curvy Girl Lingerie is owned by my good (like: good, good) friend Chrystal Bougon. She has a brick and mortar in San Jose and an amazing online store that I... well, drool over often. I believe in honesty here. 

I drool over it often.

You may recognize her from that time she was all over the news (and on The Bethany Show of all places) with her "un-photoshopped women in sexy undies" campaign.

OR MAYBE you know her from that time she filmed Plus Life TV (an empowering "no diet talk" reality show) with all THESE babes. She's rocking the world, y'all. (More info here!)

Know her. And Curvy Girl.

Giveaways happen when someone contacts me and says: I wanna buy a specific spot on your blog so I can give free awesome shit to your readers. Or in this case, I say: I WANT TO GIVE A VALENTINES GIVEAWAY TO MY READERS ON THE HOUSE! And then Chrystal says: WELL I WANT TO GIVE YOUR READERS A VALENTINES GIFT TOO, SO LETS DO THIS!

Of course, if you think giveaways are bullshit, you're allowed to skip everything all together and just come back for my next post which will likely be about THE FACT THAT I HAVE A BOOK THAT MAYBE YOU HEARD ABOUT. You're a grown ass adult and you get to make your own decisions, mmkay?

The giveaway is for a $75 gift certificate for their online store (and of course in store too!) which I'm just gonna say this... WILL BUY YOU A JAZZ LIBERATOR. Omg, I've wanted one for so long I wish I could enter. It also covers a shit ton of lingerie, panties, corsets, nipple clamps, a plus-size strap on harness... the list goes onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

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The giveaway will be chosen on Feb 14th and Chrystal will contact the winner! I'm already envious. As always, good luck my friends!

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