BUT FIRST a blurb about Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls that landed in my inbox last night:

"If only Things No One will tell Fat Girls were my bible 25 years ago, it would have surely saved me years of hating my body. This book is a must read for girls and women of all ages and sizes. I believe this book has to power to change the trajectory of self-loathing for countless females. Bless you, Jes Baker." -Ricki Lake

Yep. Shit is starting to get real, guys.

Now, about those love notes! Seal is printing 200 postcards for me to cover in love and send your way if you've already ordered Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls (or if you're about to order it right now- it's still a pre-order)!

What you need to do:
email ThingsNoOneWillTellFatGirls@gmail.com and send over your full name, mailing address, and proof of purchase. That's it! They'll make sure I get the first 200 and together we'll make sure you get your personal "thing that no one will tell fat girls" in the mail soon.

BTW- thanks for your support and belief in me and this message. I love you ALL for it.

And now, more advance praise!

"Thank you Jes Baker. Thank you from my daughter. Thank you from me. And thank you from every women who isn't yet strong enough to fight in this movement. Jes proudly stands up and takes the bullet for a generation of women fumbling with insecurities and body image. And she does it with equal parts fearlessness and facts. Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls is a cultural game changer. " -Brittany Gibbons, author of Fat Girl Walking
"Baker has done it all: A fierce, funny, and rocking manifesto that applies solid science to challenge common body myths, exposes cultural health hypocrisies, and stays true to the politics of social justice. Things No One will tell Fat Girls will inspire you to find and flaunt your own brand of awesome." -Linda Bacon PhD author of HAES® and Body Respect 
"Fierce. Funny. Factual. Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls tackles our most deeply held beliefs about our bodies with razor sharp wit and an  unapologetic commitment that we all deserve to love these vessels we live in. Bravo for this piece of body liberation!"  -Sonya Renee Taylor Founder of The Body is Not an Apology

My grandmother and Publishers Weekly didn't hate it either (see here for the full review) so I'd say we're off to a good start. I'll be announcing the upcoming book tour events SOON and I can't wait to see all of your wonderful faces in real life!


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