You want my Instagram feed. Trust me, you do. The accounts I stalk follow may not add up to much numerically, but I'll tell you what: they're a stellar group. I obviously love them all (my IG real estate feed is valuable to me), but here are 10 I'm enamored with for various reasons currently and why:

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Marie Forelo: I have a crush (which honestly is now a full-on online boner) on Marie Forelos websites. Her newest one: The Copy Cure does things to me. I admire a woman who is successful and OWNS that success. It's biz porn. Plain and simple.

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Virgie Tovar: I follow Virgie for her fuck you attitude and fierce fashion. The end. I have been known to scroll through her pictures on down days where I needed a boost. Works every time.

Matt Diaz: I value male identified voices SO much in this body image movement. You might know Matt from his video that went viral (if you don't, watch it) and I enjoy his selfies and positive affirmations on the daily.

The Tiny Hobo. Valerie is one of my favorite body positive artists. I order buttons from her when I want a special tiny gift for a friend and I CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE A PORTRAIT DONE BY HER.

Mathu Andersen. Stereotypes: break them. BREAK THEM ALL.

Studio Mucci: Gold glitter trolls. Unicorn tears. Sprinkles. Balloons. And every picture gets cuter. Don't know how.

A Feminist Lens. I appreciate the intersectionality and variety of important feminist subjects covered on this account.

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Taylor Swift. Just because I'll never be a 6 ft brilliant business woman who is smokin' and knows how to rock a crowd of a million doesn't mean I don't dream of becoming that every single day. #LifeGoals

Melanie Gaydos: I watched Melanie's interview last year... and cried. Then I watched it again. And again. This woman is fierce and kicking ass and will make you question everything you thought you new about modeling.

Body Positive Teen. Want a million memes that will make you smile for a second? Follow this one.

And of course, I enjoy my IG as well. Tell me what your favorite Instagram accounts are! I'm always looking for stellar ones!

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