I was online window shopping yesterday (here of course) to beat a bummerface day and I found myself cackling so loud at the hilarious cat paraphernalia that was available that my own kitties didn't feel safe being in the same room as me. It was that entertaining.  (P.S. This post contains affiliate links!)

SO let me raise a metaphorical glass to every person out there that inspires companies to make this ridiculously awesome shit and those that apparently buy it so it stays relevant and on the shelves. Y'all are my personal heroes and you deserve a designated holiday. Let's be BFFs, okay? And I say that knowing that many of us already are. I love all you fellow weirdos.

Here's a short list of the cat related items I found that inspired one of three reactions: "WTF?", OMG!" and "MEPLZKTHX":

Crafting With Cat Hair book: My cat hair is currently decorating my ceiling fans, but when it's done I'll totally buy this book.
Cosmo Cat Mug: Why the fuck wouldn't you own this?
Wine Stopper: One of my cats is a boozer and already tries this with very messy outcomes. This stopper seems like a far more effective way to save wine.

Cat Paw DOOR STOPPER: This was where I started to lose my shit while window shopping. The brilliance, I tell you!
Cat Pillow: This makes me really uncomfortable. 
Duvet Cover: It's not weird for people to cover their bed in printed cats when their bed is already covered in real cats.

Cat "Posterior" Magnets: I don't even know.
Custom Cat Portraits: I saw these and melted a little. 
Furry Cat Ear Headband: These are "season appropriate" in case you were wondering if summer was an good time to don 'em.

 Cat Mask: WTF I need this. I NEED THIS, RIGHT?
Dangle Cat Earrings: Yes, you can have kitties stuck in your earlobes.
"Caturday Night" Tee: This is a perfectly acceptable reason to not leave the house.

Hopefully if you're also having a bummerface day, these things will at best: make you laugh at the awesome absurdity available and at worst make you roll your eyes and thank your lucky stars that your life is so much cooler than mine since this is what I'm doing right now. I'm okay with both.

And a word about that shirt: hanging out with your cats instead of humans IS a legitimately wonderful thing to do and if you're wanting a movie/wine/pizza night with your feline besties I have the complete list of supplies for you to make it purrrfect.

Sorry. I had to.

There is "Fat Cat" wine for you AND wine for your cat. Yes, it's a wonderful world we live in and it exists. Campy cat movies I'd recommend include Cat People (1948), The Cat From Outer Space (1978),  Homeward Bound (1993), and That Darn Cat (1965). Wanting a guaranteed hit? The Aristocats or Tom & Jerry of course!

And of course, don't forget the kitty shaped pizzas. Obvs.

Cat people save me from totally chalking off humanity. Hearts to all you kitty lovin' peeps!

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