I keep forgetting to tell you guys that advertising on The Militant Baker is both easy and rad. So I'll tell you now: ADVERTISING ON THE MILITANT BAKER IS EASY AND RAD.

There are a few reasons why you're gonna wanna advertise.
#1: Your ads support the time I invest in the blog, which is a shit ton of my time and life, so fuckin' a- thanks for your support! 
#2: The Militant Baker receives on average, around half a million hits a month. That's a consistent 500k... which is a bunch. 
#3: Passionfruit Ads lets you see how many times your ad is viewed/clicked so you can keep track of your biz.
OH AND- #4: Because you’ll be part of TMB sidebar team. We're a cool bunch and we like beer and dirty jokes. Come join us.

There are several different types of ads, all of which can be viewed here. (If you cant find it, click this instead.) Choose the size you'd like to, hit "add to cart", then "proceed to checkout". From there it will prompt you for the rest. Enter your info, upload your ad image (if you need one I’ll make it!) and pay for the spot. Your ad will go up right after approval and stay up for 30 days no matter when you purchase it. It’s like magic.

ADDITIONALLY- someone told me that smart bloggers have giveaway option, so now I LOOK LIKE A SMART BLOGGER! Have a product you think readers would love? Have your own blog post here, host a giveaway, get some rad exposure, give rad people rad shit, and make more humans like you! Sounds like a good deal. Lets partner up!

Thanks for all your smiles, support, and loving internet slaps on the ass, y'all.
You're great.

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