Just in case you're unfamiliar with this wondrous website, Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that allows contributors to support a person instead of a product... and boy did we have a great time together! When I launched my announcement to work on advocacy full time, over 150 people came forward as Patrons and contributed towards the cause. This not only made the transition possible, but also armed me with a group of people who both had previously benefited from what I was doing and also believed in the message for others and I grew to love them so! I adored sending out bi-weekly emails and updates about all the behind the scene going-ons. I loved hearing back from them, sometimes their replies making me laugh out loud (oh, Killian) some of them just making me smile REAL big. I loved being a part of this  group of like minded people... and I'll MISS THEM.

Thanks to everyone who shared their support, whether it be through contributions, social shares, or supportive words... it was incredible to witness.

Cheers to world change!

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