I'm so glad that doing it yourself has evolved into a uber popular trend! I'm such a big fan of homesteading and learning new skills, especially if I get to work with my hands.  If anything, Pinterest has created a giant cloud of ideas that eliminate personal dependence on large manufacturers... and for that, Ben Silbermann & Evan Sharp, I thank you.

Full discolsure: I am a hookah fanatic. Not a "hang out at a hookah lounge and listen to reggae" fanatic, but a "watch a movie and mellow out with my Baby" fanatic. It's a total coping mechanism, and I'm okay with that. When I ran out of sheesha last week, my Him recommended making our own. It never occurred to me that this was even possible, but the more I thought about it the more excited I became. I'm a novice sheesha maker, but I thought I could pass along the knowledge and simple recipe I have in case you feel like going into business;) 

It really is pretty damn simple. An ounce of pipe tobacco (a mellower flavor, courser cut), a few tablespoons of molasses, a couple teaspoons of flavored extract, and 2 tablespoons of vegetable glycerin. Mix until super sticky and let it sit overnight in an airtight bag. THATS IT.

A few notes: the glycerin is what keeps the tobacco from charring, so don't skip it. You'll want food grade vegetable glycerin, and I found mine at a health food store. Most recipes call for molasses, but some recommend honey. I would imagine that corn syrup would also work, and I'd like to try that so the flavors I choose are more present. I'll update you when I try it! Also, when you're mixing the ingredients, add enough molasses to make it the exact constancy of store brands. It may seem excessive, but it's better than dry tobacco... trust me.

For more flavor ideas, think about boiling the tobacco first in a tea or flavored liquid for 5 minutes and then let it thoroughly air dry. Thoroughly, is key! I tried to boil it in chai tea which was a good idea in theory, but didn't let it dry enough and so got absolutely nothing out of it. Sad face. It would also behoove you to know that this mix is a lot harsher than the sheesha that is store bought. But also totally awesome, so it's worth it.

I have a million ideas that I cant wait to execute... vanilla bean, peppermint, chai, pumpkin spice (I'm going to use Torani syrup!), and gingerbread. Y'know, the perfect cold weather flavors. If you experiment with any of this let me know how it works out! And don't forget to revel in your independence!


  1. not on the topic but your main photo with the cats is absolutely adorable! Happy Holidays!

  2. Nice! It never occurred to me that you could make sheesha at home. Pumpkin spice sounds amazing!

  3. I have a hookah that I don't use too much, but me and my man are totally gonna make this!

  4. wow i had no idea...side note: have you tried any hookah bars in town? I want to and was looking for some feedback.


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