How-de-do, y’all.
I think I might really like Fall.

Grits posted about her October goals, and I figured it would be a great starting point for me as well. I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only one who has metaphorically fallen off the face of the blogosphere for a while. So, without further delay, here is what I envision happening (so therefore it will…):

I’m going to visit my bestist friend Ashley and her brand new baby in Utah this week. I am looking forward to playing “Auntie Nanny” and hugging Ashley even more than I hug the baby human. Stay tuned for ADORABLE newborn photos.

I am going to start my kickboxing classes. Not only will this further my physical health, but I’ve realized that its necessary for my mental health as well. I have to change some of my support systems in my life, so when I remove one I must replace it with a healthy alternative. Excited, nervous, and already preparing to have my ass handed to me.

I am going to learn one song on the ukulele. I have it. It’s gorgeous. I will learn one song. Fact.

I'm going to put some extra emotional energy into my relationship. I want to be committed to it, and create a happy healthy life that surrounds it. Too often I find myself waiting for it to fall apart... just the paranoia in me. But the reality is, that it hasn't. And I don't know if it ever will. I need to approach it from a tender and invested part of myself that expects the best and works towards it every day.

I am going to resume The Body Image(s) shoots towards the end of Oct. A brief break will be welcome from the exhausting weekend sessions, and I’m looking forward to a fresh perspective and renewed energy source.

I am going to do some solid research and vote. This is my contribution to the world, and also self care.

I am going to open up my connections with friends. I am going to pursue more beautiful souls and add them to my collection of friends. My Him recommended this, and I think it will be good for me to cultivate already good friendships and to grow them into even more.

I am going to model for some sort of Zombie blood and gore photo shoot. I was never allowed to celebrate the wicked holidays like Halloween when I was a kid so I think I’m intrigued by the majestical horror of it all now. I wanna try it once. P.S. Did you see that Picmonkey has fun horror-shop tools right now?

I am going to do some research about online Women/Gender Studies degrees. I can not find ONE degree that is fully online, and I need it. Do you have any suggestions of a reputable college that I can attend on the webz?

I’m going to take an inventory of what I like about my life and what I don’t.  I’m going to be realistic and make changes. Fall cleaning of my dusty corners!

I’m going to blog more! I’m not forcing it, but I feel the creativity coming back… so there is THAT to look forward to. I want to finally write about GERD, the reasons behind self mutilation, the 25 things, baking… etc. 

I'm going to dress up. A LOT. I'm going all out for Halloween this year, and I'm going to take Dia De los Muertos seriously this year. I love Tucson.

That’s what I have going on. What about you? This time of year usually holds changes for everyone… what do you have going on this month?


  1. Oh, Jes, your personal goals are always so much more introspective and significant than mine. But maybe that's because it's the little things that I tend to put off and off and off until I forget how much I wanted to do them. Sigh. This month I am mostly on vacation from work, doing a little traveling, and pushing myself to take lots of photos and learn more about the capabilities of my camera. In a couple days I get to see my childhood best friend and hear all about her wedding that I was so disappointed I had to miss. I also get to give her this totally sweet gift I poured my heart into, which I am mega excited about. Then I go back to work, and hope I can apply the skills I learned last season to do better work and grow a lot as I hit the ground running. And you know, I gotta find some time to complete my Halloween costume too! I'm going to be Amelia Earhart and I'm so excited about it. Man this comment got long!

  2. This is great, I should really start recording my goals on a blog.. then maybe I'd actually get round to doing them! Thanks for putting my button up as well, you're great! xxx


  3. Jes. You're bad ass. And I love The Body Images Project. I've passed it on to a few of my friends at school and they love it too! I can't wait to see more =D

  4. Kickboxing sounds like an awesome way to get and shape and feel like a totally badass at the same time. I might have to start myself!

  5. Say what? You come to Utah that week I leave it to visit California - crappo timing indeed!

  6. I love your goal posts. You're freaking inspiring man! And you can totally rock the ukelele. I have a hard time with the singing and playing deal but I've got playing 2 songs under my belt, so it's a start. Thanks for the picmonkey zomibifying addiction too :)

  7. The first (and only, really) song I ever learned on my ukulele was "Bad Romance." I highly recommend it.

  8. I don't know how your uke playing is going so far, but I have to tell you, don't worry! I am terribly un-musical (tried playing flute and guitar as well as singing in choirs, and while the singing wasn't bad because we practiced like hell I never really "got" reading music) but picked up a $30 ukulele and Mel Bay's "Teach Yourself Uke" book and can actually play several songs after only a few weeks. Still can't read music but I can tell which chord to play when, which is the main thing. Good luck! It is awfully fun.


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