I see those "What's In My Bag" posts all the time... and they're also inside every womans magazine ever made. I'm not sure what it is, maybe I don't find myself interesting enough, but I've never bothered to write one. It also might have to do with the fact that I'm one of those people that never cleans out their gigantic bag and so they end up toting 50 pounds of crap around until they take the time to dump it out, sort it, and throw 80% of it away. After a month, my bags are more like suitcases. BUT I've decided to give you an actual and thusley boring "whats in my bag" without cleaning it out, without cherry picking my awesome shit and with healthy dose of facetiousness. Fortunately I just bought a bag a few weeks ago and so I had no choice but to clean out and transfer my stuff, so this is the really short version. Lucky you! Here we go:

1. A million receipts, assorted garbage, movie stubs, and one M&M wrapper.
2. Guess.
3. One lonely q-tip.
4. Planner/life line.
5. Crystal Light, Energy style. Actually, I can't live without these.
6. Rubber brass knuckles. I don't know why these are in here. I don't even know why I bought them... but I'm SO glad I did.
7. I don't own a smart phone.
8. Granny glasses, but not the cool kind.
9. Are you bored yet?
10. Ugh, I am.
11. Yawn.
12. *Stretch*
13. I still use my first licence from when I was 16! I have NO idea how I haven't lost it yet.
14. Dolly Parton case but it actually has a Dean Martin cd in it.
15. For the things that I don't want to forget but I probably will if I don't right it down right now.
16. Razor. Yep
17. 8 cents.
18. Apparently Fisher wanted to be part of the picture. I am actually okay with this, because after I get home from work he uses my bag as a play tent until dinner. He's a lucky guy.

I HAVE to assume your bags are more interesting than mine... I've never been much of a girly girl and I don't often spend a lot of money on make-up so I would imagine that's why I just don't get it. If you've done this kind of post, don't fret that I don't understand, I'm sure it's just because you're more interesting than me... I'm totally okay with that. I think the point is to get a personal glimpse into the life of the bag owner and find out what they're really like. So, if that's the case... well, you can see that I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants unorganized garbage collecting crazy cat lady that only uses one bag at a time. Ta da!

If you've done a real "Whats In My Bag" post, you should link me! I want to see how its supposed to be done!


  1. Going through my bag recently I realized I'd left a snack size thing of guacamole in there...very normal thing to forget was in your purse. Also like 50 different pills or vitamins from exploding bottles that I just capped back up and moved on.

    1. Dear lord, I know about the vitamin thing. The worst experience I had was when my multis exploded and then my water bottle leaked... I cant get the smell out if I tried:(

      Hahahah guacamole! Hahahah!

  2. I think your "What's in my bag" post is far better than a lot of them in the magazines. Instead of having a bag with a lot of pockets, mine is a simple pouch from Mexico that is a black hole. Truly it's just a bottomless pit that carries a notebook, wallet, camera, iPod, keys. Since there are no pockets I can't get into trouble by putting a ton of stuff in there. =D

  3. I did this back in January...mine isn't that interesting haha. Apart from the finger puppet zombies that I normally keep in there. I guess I should re-do it. Although, currently, it is a fucking disaster. Here is my old one... Crap in my bag.

  4. Haha this is hilarious! I love your captions.

    I have two: My work bag and weekend bag. They are here http://www.beckybedbug.com/2012/06/whats-in-my-bag-weekend-edition.html

    and here


    1. SEE? THAT is a "whats in my bag" post:)

  5. i just have a little zipper pouch wallet that i carry every day, but other than that i don't really use a bag. my camera bag is full of crap though. i love cleaning out that monster reciept pile.

    1. I kind of wish I could do a DIY bag out of receipts! We all have a million!

  6. I have a ridiculous amount of miscellaneous receipts in my bag and wallet at all times. I dig them rubber brass knuckles ;)

  7. I did one! A longlong time ago. I want to do another (because I recently came into the ownership of a badass new purse). Alas, my purse is pretty dull content wise, EXCEPT! for the Leatherman. And flashlight. And fancy-dancy knife. I feel these pair exceptionally well with your rubber brass knuckles, though the RBKs are WAY freaking cooler. Well played, Militant Baker. Well played.

    1. I found them in a thrift store for less than a dollar. I bought them, because what person wouldn't but I have no use for them.. unless you call a bag post a "use". Yeah. I like that. They now have a purpose!

  8. I like the facetiousness - and the cat.

    I did one a couple of years ago ... I wonder where that iPod went?

    1. I love the cat too. It looks so... posed. But it's not. I tried to get him off and it didn't work. So i kept him:)

  9. Hahaha, I love that there's pretty much a cat in your bag. You're not alone xD

    Aside from the gum wrappers and receipts that I actually cleared out, my "What's in Your Bag?" post is pretty accurate. It honestly hasn't changed...at all... in the two years it's been. I have way more electronic gadgets in my purse than makeup, save for 3,000 tubes of chapstick.


  10. BAHahahah, this is perfect! I realized last week that if I ever did a what's in my bag post it would be mostly: pay stubs, receipts, tampons, loose change, programs from plays I saw a couple weeks ago, and my phone. Maybe. Also my bag is 40 years old and seriously falling apart.
    So basically I can never do a post like this because it is the one thing I recognize I should be shameful of :P


  11. I love, love, love the knuckles. :) And kitty!

    My bag post had a bit of junk in it but I had just done a big 'clean out' a few days prior to deciding to photograph and it was much cleaner than usual. Still, I was surprised how neat I'd kept things for a day or 2...where was the light dusting of tobacco? The lipstick without a top that I always stick my finger into?

    Now my *other* bag is full of all the stuff I don't carry in my purse. Yowzer!



  12. Oh my, I'm pretty bad too. I tend to find things like mints and gum and bobby pins and sometimes various bits of trail mix strewn about. Kind of gross now that I think about it.

    But more importantly, I am kind of a freak about organisers and would love to know where you got yours from!?!?!?!?!?
    XO Samantha


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