Liora has taken the feminist world by storm as I knew she would.

What is a feminist to you personally?

I am a feminist because I believe that without gender equality we, as a world culture, do not have the capacity to grow and develop. Feminism, to me, is seeking the same freedoms and equality enjoyed by men worldwide.  It’s the ability to wear lipstick and be paid equally.  It’s the ability to be CEO or President, not the “female CEO” or “female president.”  It’s the freedom to be a gamer or a comic book reader without being bullied by suffocating sexism.  The freedom to be safe from victim blaming and slut shaming.  The freedom to control what happens in my body, to marry whom I love, and to exist fully in the world.

When it comes to women's rights, how do you think the USA differs from the rest of the world?

Obviously the USA is far more advanced than some of the world, and way less advanced then other parts.  I know that sounds overly simple, but it's the only way I can think to describe it.  That being said, I would love to see the USA embrace their female citizens with the respect that they deserve, instead of sticking to bigoted, antiquated, and unscientific religious principals and trying to legislate morality with them.

What recent event disturbed you the most and why?
While I find lots of recent events disturbing, one of the most upsetting things I read recently was about a bill Paul Ryan supported- the Sanctity of Human Life Act.  While the act doesn't explicitly say that a rapist could sue his victim (I would use a gender-neutral term, but pregnancy is biological...) if she tried to abort a baby that was a product of the rape, it certainly opens the door for it.  I think that the idea that this type of act could even seriously be brought before congress - and supported by a potential VP - is dangerous for women and extremely unsettling.  Why would we, as a nation, not be abhorrently opposed to opening doors for criminals, and closing them for victims?
EDIT: Actually this might be the most upsetting thing I've seen recently

Note: this post originally was to promote a Kickstarter project that has long since ended. If you'd like to see more of these amazing images (that have been circulating across the world for years) you can visit her gallery here. It's incredible.


  1. A very important post! I'm going to admit that the term feminism scares me. I have a very close friend who is a militant feminist. She pickets strip clubs because she doesn't agree with the objectification.

    I'm of the opinion that some stippers actually want to be strippers. Some women want breast implants for themselves, not men. Some women actually like dressing up for men and sleeping with them. And if that's what a woman wants to do, then I think she should be allowed to do that.

    There are two main photos here that I respond to. One of them is slut shaming. Man, if a woman enjoys her sexuality and is happy exploring it, why should she be criticised for it?

    Anyway, after that little rant, I'm going to say this was a great post. Really loved reading it!


    1. I totally feel you on this one. It makes it even more difficult to challenge the status quo when 1.) Our male centric vagina fearing world makes "feminist" into a gruff angry hysterical wolf cryer and 2.) Some women live up to this image.

      I personally think that feminism means believing in equal rights and a direct benefit of this is allowing a woman to choose whatever lifestyle she wants. If that means being a stay at home wife so be it. If that means being a stripper, so be it. That
      s just my opinion and, of course, I think I'm right.

      So, when other women picket other women I just up my resolve to be a feminist that allows other women to choose a life that they love and NOT make that quest more difficult for them. This also goes for women that support legislation of bodies, try to nix family planning, and other issues that TELL women what they can and cannot do. The only thing I can personally do is be the feminist that all feminists benefit from. Words are failing me today, so I hope this makes sense.

      xoxoxoxxo forevz.

    2. Hey,

      Totally agree about women having choices, but sometimes women are coerced into choices due to economic pressures. In a perfect world, no woman would be forced into sex work because of poverty, and every woman would have an array of fulfilling jobs to choose from. In that case, if she chose sex work, it would be a real choice. But unfortunately, our unequal, capitalist system sometimes denies women this choice and forces them into sex work on terms not of their choosing.

      This is why I support legalizing sex work, but not only that, unionizing sex workers and empowering them to fight for better working conditions. Ideally, they would also form cooperatives so that they are in charge of their own strip clubs and escort services - rather than most of the money they are earning lining the pockets of bosses and pimps.

      Just thought I would throw that in there, because although I agree that enjoying dressing sexy and having sex is great, and maybe sex work is fulfilling if it's a choice, I wanted to throw in some additional comments on what "choice" would have to mean if it's a real choice. Sometimes, the only way to give women a real choice is to deal with social inequality. Couldn't resist throwing in my marxist feminist perspective!


    3. Thank you so much for commenting. I absolutely love everything said above and have nothing to add... except the fact that I love it:)

  2. This is such a great project! As a photographer, it makes me proud that someone is using this medium for such an important topic. And as a feminist, I am behind it 100% which is why I just pledged to support it. = )

  3. this is very inspiring and so lovely. wonderful photos! wonderful project!

  4. Great post Jes. Obviously she is coming to Wisconsin, but do you know where? I would love for her to come to my college in Milwaukee. I go to Alverno College, one of the few all women colleges in the country. I would feel that there would be so many wonderful discussions about feminism and open the eyes to a lot of women at my school who are still blind to the injustice that happens.

    Also, I hope that a lot of women in Wisconsin wont vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan just 'cause Paul Ryan is from Wisconsin. That just breaks my heart that someone wants to take control over my body.

  5. really amazing project! i can't wait to see the finished project!


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