Oooooooh YEAH!
I'm finally opening up the option to advertise on The Militant Baker!

The BlogHer network offered give me dollars to run some ads... but I found both impersonal and irrelevant so I turned them down. I want to have a space that promotes individual women, not commercial companies! 

So, I'm offering you my sidebar.
The Militant Baker has 11,000 14,000+ hits a month and I've only seen that number increasing as the days go on. I can only assume that this will continue to grow as I am asked more and more to write guest posts and contribute throughout the blogging community. AND GUESS WHAT?!?!? For August, I want to button swap with you for freezies. Yes, I already know its August, but the ads will fun for 30 days so you'll get your dollars worth. Dollars as in zero! So, anyhow, use the secret coupon code: "SWAP" and lets get friendly!

P.S. When I do start charging a little bit for ads, the proceeds will go directly into purchasing other ads on other larger pages. So, basically it's a win win for everyone.

In other news (literally):

Shannon Eastin is the first female NFL Ref and she's debuting this Thursday. What a bad-ass.
This Caster Semenya gender inquisition pisses me off to no end. You can read the long article here, but I most likely will be ranting about it at a later time.
"I know you're mad at Chick-fil-A, but stop taking it out on the fat people"
Bic made women specific pens! Thank GOD. I was so uncomfortable using the male ones in public.
I like Oprah's real hair.
"Daaaaaaaamn bitch, you fat!" isn't helpful. Leslie tells you why you can shove it.
I'm equally annoyed and impressed by Gala's retort to the fact that 90% of her comments were negative (after reading all of this).
I don't get thow he whole tumblr thing works, but I love love love this body positive one.
Oh yeah, and this one too.
Comic depiction of all sexism on the internet ever.
I just found Jenna through hosting her button on my side bar... shes a blogger, baker, and book maker! I adore her.
Kari writes about how sometimes life just isn't fucking fair.

Any links you want to share?


  1. I thought we had already button swapped but maybe not. I'll go ahead and get involved!

    Haha I love the fat Wonder Women!



  2. awesome! I just submitted an ad to you and put your button on my sidebar :) thanks for the opportunity! i've been looking for people to ad swap with.

  3. Hola Jes! This is great thanks! Already reserved a spot! I however had already taken the liberty of grabbing your button a while ago and proudly displaying it on my sidebar...hope you don't mind???? Oh boyy, is that considered stealing in blogshpere??? O_0 (I swear didn't know)

    ~SimplyyMayra "/

  4. I can't tell you how excited I am about this! Just a few days ago I was lamenting the fact that you didn't accept sponsored ads. And... voila! Now you do! I just bought the big ad and am hoping to do so again. I truly appreciate your honest blogging style and have recently become a regular reader.

  5. thanks so much for the shout out! i love the gabby's playhouse comic and leslie's open letter!

  6. Hey there Jes! I am super excited over this as well. I sent you an email but I am not sure it went through ahah. Stupid Script blocker. /grumble. Anyways, I've had your button on my page for a while as well. Please let me know if that email didn't work...Thank!


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  8. I'd love to button swap with you. I'm in the process of making a side-bar full of (freebie) blog ad space too. :D


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