Oh hey, good lookin' babes. Did anyone else want to be Lady Lovely Locks when they were little? I totally did. I would watch the show and pour over the books just fawning over her highness' dresses and friends. If you wanna watch the WHOLE Kingdom of Ice episode, click here; the 80s had such awesome kid shows. I might be able to partially blame her for my lavender hair today... I just need to find some Pixietails. Know where I can adopt a few?

Woah, it's already September. Woah. I didn't think I would make it through another Arizona summer... and though it's not over this is the time that the cooling down begins. Thank god. It also means that in 11 days, a lot of the ads run out on my side bar. I fucking LOVE hosting other fantastic women (and I found quite a few new fantastic women) and I feel pretty good about offering the space. How about this: if you use the code: PIXIETAIL you can have 60% off every spot. Also, I opened up the large size to include three instead of the one. Y'know... more goodness to go around. I am always open to ad swaps, so hit me up if you're into that kinda thing. I have my eye on a few large blogs that I would like to purchase spots on... so lets make it happen fellas.

And now the other orders of business: OHMYGOD I want you to contribute on my blog! I love writing guest posts for other ladies almost as much as I like hosting other ladies thoughts here. There is a contribute button on my navigation bar if you feel so inclined to write a little something on a few specific topics. It also has a really cute picture of me from when I was three. If you have an article that doesn't fit in the list I provided, just email me anyways. I wanna hear all about it.

Which reminds me. I am AWFUL at remembering to email everyone back in a timely manner. My inbox is out of control and I really just need to use Google more efficiently. But until then, if you've been waiting for a response from me that hasn't come yet... just email me again. I would really like that actually. And for those who are about to email me for the first time, don't fret if it takes me a little while. It's totally not personal.

Mmmmmm, I think thats all for now.
Did you see my list called "25 Things Fat People Shouldn't Do"? I'm totally gonna do all of 'em and I want you to do them with me. If this takes off, it could possible turn into a link up. Awesome, right?

Okay, that's really all now.

Whats on your mind today?


  1. Oh my heavens - I remember that episode!

    Awh. Okay. Day made, thank you - I so love LLL.

  2. I LOVED Lady Lovely Locks. I had all the videos and dolls with the removable pixietails that I'd put in my own hair. I can't wait to watch this video!


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