Oh hey world. Remember how I bake for a living? What, with being The Militant Baker and all...
Well, it's okay if you've forgotten seeing as its been 10 years since I've posted about makin' something. I'd say its about time to change that.

Today I finished a 4ft tall Lego wedding cake that probably weighed 150 pounds. I'm serious. It was a beast. It was four layers of giant white square Lego blocks that started out ginormous and progressively got smaller as it built up. Kinda sorta like this one only less precise. It was a pain in the ass and the construction was tricky, but I learned something new in the process: how to frost sharp corners. I don't know HOW I haven't learned this yet (goin' on 4 years as a pro), but I feel like its the greatest secret of all time! Genius, in fact. I watched this video  for the tip, so if my images leave you wanting more, click it up bitches.

Cover your cake with a shit ton of frosting. Yes, a shit ton is a technical measurement.

Grab a triangle. I found mine at an art store. You can use any 90 degree angle, but I like the sharpness of this guy.

Use a bench scraper to clean the edges. Set the bottom edge of the scraper on your hard surface and let this be your guide to keep it straight and even. Align the triangle so that it creates the corner you would like to appear. Scrape the frosting over the triangle and fill in the rounded corner. When you're taking the angle off, just gently pull it backwards against the side as you lift it off. Repeat this on both sides of the corner.

The steps are as easy as they look, but you may have to do them one million times to get it right. Be patient, and don't cry. Everything is going to be all right.

On a totally unrelated note, I wanted to show you my kitten who is convinced that he is a puppy. Case in point: this is how he kicks it in the afternoon:

What cat hangs out like this? What an adorable weirdo. 

I don't care what anyone says, there is no such thing as too many kitty pictures.
Crazy cat ladies FTW!



  1. WOW! lego cake LOVE! impressive

    Barnicles xxxxxx

  2. I had no idea you were a baker by trade. I thought you just liked baking at home haha!!


  3. You. Are. Totally. Superdeedooperdee. Awesome. Wow! Speechless. Tootles!


    P.s. ima work on my baking skills today...but I don't think I can kill a turtle ;)

  4. You bake?! Yeah, I'm kidding. Of course I remembered that you bake for realsies in life. And hot dang I wanna eat all of that frosting! One of the best parts of the cake.

    Hell yeah crazy cat ladies! WHAT WHAT.

  5. Nice nice! I'm just now learning how to properly frost a cake :)


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